REVIEW: Scarlet Witch #12 – “Beginning of the End”

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Writer: James Robinson 
Penciler: Annapaola Martello
Colorist: Matt Yackey
Letterer: VC’S Cory Petit
Release Date: 11/02/16
Price: $3.99


Wanda is ready to find out the truth about her family. In the forests of Serbia, Wanda speaks with Marya Romanov, her aunt, about her Mother – Natalya Romanov, the first Scarlet Witch. The end may be here for Robinson’s take on the Scarlet Witch but Wanda’s journey seems to just be beginning.


Wanda speaks to Marya, the woman who raised her, in hopes to learn more about Natalya her Mother and the first Scarlet Witch. They learn lots about each other and things seem to be good for Wanda for once! Seconds later, a witch-demon posses both Marya and Dasha.


Wanda tries to save them without physically hurting them. However, she begins to feel lost and completely helpless. Thankfully, Agatha’s ghost shows up to help her. The pair work together and save Marya and Dasha. The issue ends with Natalya taking posession of Marya’s body and telling Wanda where her answers lie.


Wanda’s entire comic history has been writing and rewriting her history. It’s hard to say what her legacy will be but Robinson has played a powerful card in it. Wanda’s past is always following her. Therefore, allowing her to past be front and center of this series was a good decision by Robinson. Issue 12 is an emotional conclusion to Wanda’s current journey.


The return of Agatha was a pleasant surprise that brought something special to the conclusion. Then there was the heart wrenching moment between Wanda and her Mother – short but the ending we’ve been waiting for. It will be interesting to see where Robinson takes her on her next journey but there is no doubt that it will be an exciting new twist on the Scarlet Witch.


Martello’s art is similar to multiple artists who worked on Scarlet Witch’s run. It’s a nice little touch that invokes a feeling of reminiscence in readers who have been following Robinson’s run since the beginning. Martello creates extremely realistic facial expressions that mirror the dialogue perfectly.  The art is always subtle yet ready to invoke emotions in readers. Yackey gives the dark scenes of the narrative bright colors that amplify the pain of the story.


The image of Wanda’s Mother as the original Scarlet Witch is glorious and the colors enhance it. A fire is surrounding her, yet her eyes remain welcoming and calming.  The pair compliments each other beautifully. Also, the use of fire is used consistently in this issue. The setting is a campfire and Yackey takes what he is given to create beautifully warm colors. The art of this issue is a wonderful end to Wanda’s journey and Wanda is constantly reflected In the art of this issue.


Scarlet Witch was a risky move from Robinson – a solo series that focuses on an integral Marvel character with a not so clear past. Then there was also the multiple art teams on board, creating amazing art that showcased who Wanda was and could be as a character. The comic did nothing but succeed. The twelfth issue gave readers surprise and threads finally came together. Her journey is coming to a close yet also just beginning. Scarlet Witch is one of the best things Marvel Comics accomplished in recent memory.  The conclusion was beautiful and it’s exciting to see what will come after this for Wanda.

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