REVIEW: The Vision #12 – “The End & New Beginning”

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Writer : Tom King

Penciler : Gabriel Hernandez Walta

Colorists : Jordie Bellaire 

Letterer : VC’s Clayton Cowles

Release Date : 10/26/16

Price : $3.99



This is it true believers the end of The Vision is here. I’ll be honest part of the reason that I’ve been putting off for so long is because I don’t want to acknowledge the fact that it’s actually over. This issue is mainly a recap of the series as a whole. It shows everything this crazy family if synthezoids have been through and just how much it has effected them.



Like I said earlier the beginning of the issue is a recap of the events of the series and the ramifications of  what the Vision family has been through, so instead of just summing up everything that’s happened in all twelve issues I’m just going to assume that you’ve read them all. I absolutely love this series when it was first announced I was very hesitant. The premise seemed so off the wall. Little did I know that this series is a dark, twisted, beautiful mess in all the best way. The story seemed simple enough, Vision wanted a taste of normal life so he built a family and moved to the suburbs. At first everything seems to be going according to plan, but things really get interesting. Their perfect suburban world gets turned upside down by murder, madness, and just general mayhem.


This massive shift is especially clear in Vision’s wife Virginia As she began to grow and develop her own personality and protective nature she actually became the antagonist of the series. She consistently went to extreme measures to do what she felt was right in order to protect her family, even if it meant having a hand in killing, her daughter’s boyfriend, Victor Mancha, and even the family dog. Long story short this bot is crazy. However after reflecting on these events Virginia finally came to the conclusion that it would be best for Vivi and Vision if she were to leave them in the most permanent way possible. The entire scene was heartbreaking despite the fact that I’ve grown to despise Virginia. That’s just a testament to all the great layers of character building that Tom King has done in this series. It was a beautiful bittersweet way to end the series.



It’s weird that a series about a family of robots would have art with really strong emotional facial expressions. The coolest thing about the art and the facial expressions is just like the characters as the series went on their expressions evolved. Also I love the use if color tone with the series. The lite tones used in some of the panels showcase the wacky almost 50s sitcom family vibe of the Visions. On the other side of the join the darker tones used perfectly reflect how dark and twisted this series can get.



I’m going to miss this series so much. Tom King took a concept that sci fi fans have seen done to death before. Can robots feel? Do robots dream of electric sheep? What are the consequences of these feelings? These are all questions that King has managed to get readers to think about each time they read an issue of The Vision.  This was a surprisingly dark and twisted ride. I was glad that I was able to be a part of it. It’s definitely bittersweet, but I’m glad that the Vision’s legacy will still continue in Marvel Now with his daughter Vivi on Mark Waid’s Champions series. It will be missed for sure.



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