The Return of Generation X

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Generation X is back! Author Christina Strain and artist Amilcar Pinna are breathing new life into the series after its last installment 15 years ago. The new Generation X series is being brought back as part of Marvel’s “ResurrXion” and will debut in the spring of 2017.


The series follows the adventures of young mutants who don’t quite fit in anywhere, even at the newly reopened and retooled Xavier institute. The school now divides its classes up into three distinct groups. The next generation of X-Men, the next generation of ambassadors, and the rest.

This new band of teenage misfit mutants lead by Jubilee focuses on the last category. Those whose powers and abilities tend to make them more of a liability than an asset on the battlefield or those whose personality is too ill tempered to be useful as an ambassador.

The team consists of the following:

Jubilee (Former student, X-Men member, and mutant. Now a vampire with and adopted toddler)  

Quentin Quire (a powerful telepath whose attitude, ego, and questionable morals work against him)

Benjamin Deeds (a transmorph who can fuse his looks with someone making him a close copy of them as well as chemically influence people to like or trust him)

Trevor Hawkins (Otherwise know as Eye-Boy his body is literally covered in eyes)

Nathaniel Carver (A new character created for the series)

The series hits stores Spring 2017.

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