12 Days of Marvel: Best Games & Gaming Moments of 2016

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On the 9th Day of Marvel, The Marvel Report gave to me; a bunch of awesome moments in games and some of our favorite games from this year. From the school hijinks of Avengers Academy to the newly announced Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite 2016 was loaded with a lot of Marvel goodies. So here are some of our favorite games and gaming moments of 2016!

Carolyn Poddig, Senior Staff Writer & Events Assistant Manager

Easily: Marvel Tsum Tsum’s introduction has been one of the best parts of 2016. I love Disney but having the Marvel version of their classic Tsum Tsum game is unbelievable. You can play as heroes or villains and they include such characters as Iron Man, Jessica Jones, or Cottonmouth Stokes. And new characters like Ghost Rider or Cloak and Dagger. It’s the fun of collecting and a challenge. Here’s a couple of my favorites:


Brittany Rivera, Senior Writer & Events Assistant Manager

I love the Marvel Tsum Tsum Game. I downloaded it the day after the election and have turned to the game any time I need a smile. Tsums are just so adorable, it’s hard to be sad when they are bouncing around. I’m pretty bad at most games, this one included, but it doesn’t stop me from having tons of fun and trying to rise to every challenge. Collecting the different tsums are my favorite part and I eagerly look forward to each new character edition. I was especially excited when I opened Jessica Jones on my first try!

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Jennifer Redelle Carey, Site Contributor & Agent Carter Superfan

The addition of Peggy Carter to Marvel Puzzle Quest, Marvel Tsum Tsum, and Avengers Academy was the brightest highlight to Marvel games for me this year. Peggy Carter was really busy this year. In addition to having her sophomore season of her TV show, Peggy Carter joined three different Marvel phone games as a playable character. Marvel recognizes Peggy’s importance to the fans.



Michael O’Leary, TV & Film Contributor

The announcement of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has been a long-time coming. I’ve been a fan of Capcom’s foray into Marvel properties going back to 1994’s X-Men: Children of the Atom coin-up arcade, which I played as I wolfed down slices at a local pizza joint. It’s the only fighting game series I buy every time I new one comes out, not even the actual Street Fighter series can take that title. With every new entry in the license, whether it be X-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes, or MvC, my love of what happens when these two companies pair up grows exponentially. Take me for a ride, MvC: Infinite.

Shawn Richter, Events Director & Gavin’s Dad

It’s too difficult for me to pick one moment from Marvel gaming in 2016, but easily my favorite Marvel game was the Lego Avengers game that we reviewed on the Xbox One system. The game was fun, sure. But it was the fact that they used audio from many of the Marvel movies that put it over the top. The game had so many moments pulled straight out of the MCU, it was an absolute blast to play. The DLC that came later for Agents of SHIELD, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Masters of Evil, etc was just icing on the cake. Being a big Agents of SHIELD fan, the fact that Coulson, Lola and everyone from the TV show were in the game was wildly entertaining.

Lauren Gallaway, Director of Operations

Avengers Academy has been a delight to play this year. Seeing my favorite Marvel characters go back to school has been so much fun! I love each character’s outfits, I love their humor, and I love how easy the game is to play. I’m also thoroughly enjoying Marvel TsumTsum! I recently started playing and I’m already obsessed! I unlocked Coulson and Doctor Strange this week!


“Snarky” Shawn Carpenter, Pop Culture Editor

My pick for 2016 is actually a multitude of them to be honest. There was so much news that came out this year. Avengers Academy has been a blast to play and a blast to cover here on the site, though I may have sunk a little too much money into the game. But I think what took the cake for me, and what is for sure to be my thing for 2017, is the announcement of Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series. As many of you know I am a huge Guardians fan, not only did I work hard to get them in Avengers Academy, but I also do the reviews for the animated series on Disney XD. Telltale has done amazingly with the games that I’ve had a chance to play and I seriously look forward to what they can bring to the Guardians story. And the final thing for games, at least for me, is the release of the Marvel Pinball Epic Collection. Now that the semester is over I can completely dive right back into it and finish my first console game review. It is a ton of fun and the tables look and feel amazing.


What were some of your favorite games and moments from this year? Let us know down below or on Facebook or Twitter! Here’s to 2017!

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