12 Days Of Marvel: Best Movie Moments of 2016

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Throughout 2016, audiences were treated to many great movie moments, especially for us Marvel fans. From Marvel Studios to Twentieth Century Fox, there were many moments celebrate. Here’s a look back at The Marvel Report’s choices of Best Movie Moments of 2016.

“Dormammu, I’ve Come to Bargain” Doctor Strange
Lauren Gallaway (Editor in Charge/Director Of Operations)

My favorite Marvel Movie Moment of the year was the finale of Doctor Strange. When Stephen arrived in Hong Kong — too late to fix the destruction — he made the bold choice to use the Time Gem and reverse the damage that had been done. The stunt choreography here was insane, as were the visual effects that showed a fight sequence in reverse. Then Stephen chose to face Dormammu alone and upon realizing no amount of brute force would work on the dark dimensional demon, Strange outwitted him. Strange consigned himself to eternal death in order to suspend the earth’s life force in that one moment forever. It was a beautiful moment of self-sacrifice and a fresh, new way for a hero to overcome a villain. Yes, Strange came to “Bargain with Dormammu,” which paid off as one of the best MCU endings to date!


Shawn Carpenter (Pop Culture Editor)

Mine is kinda obvious. Deadpool started off the year and it was perfect. Several years in the making made this movie one of the most fun movies I’ve seen all year. There really isn’t a specific moment from the movie for me. Well maybe the whole baby hand incident, not sure. But the whole movie is lined with my favorite moments. I am quite excited for the sequel and hope it out does the first.


Jean Grey’s Performance in X-Men: Apocalypse
Breeze Riley (Reviews)
While X-Men: Apocalypse lacked a lot of the fun of its predecessors, the film did have some highlights. Watching Jean Grey unleash the Phoenix to destroy Apocalypse was one of the most exciting action sequences in the film. The casting of Sophie Turner as a young Jean Grey was an inspired choice, and her performance was one of the strongest of the newer cast members. I’m excited to see the focus shift to the younger X-Men in any subsequent films.


The End of Captain America: Civil War 
Carolyn Poddig (Senior Staff Writer/Ast. Events Manager)
The end of Captain America: Civil War, when Black Panther faced down Helmut Zemo, was unbelievably powerful. “Vengeance has consumed you, I will not allow myself to become consumed.” It presented an entirely new viewpoint in the MCU universe of refusing to fight, and instead, working toward doing something better with a person’s time and life. Black Panther had to think better — which cemented him as on of my favorite avengers — if not my favorite Avenger. T’Challa was unbelievably cool, calm, and collected. This proved that T’Challa was more than just a hero — he’s a King — which makes me infinitely more excited for Black Panther’s release in 2018.


Cap & Bucky vs. Iron Man Captain America: Civil War
Shawn Richter (Events/Staff Writer)
For me, it has to be the final battle in Captain America: Civil War. We all know that Cap dies in the comics, and we all wondered if the same would happen in the movie. There was a point where I really thought Stark was going to kill him. Then there was a moment where you felt like, of all things, Steve might actually kill Tony in a fit of rage in his defense of Bucky. In the end, no one died but while the airport battle was more epic in scale, the final battle between Captain America and Iron Man was far more emotional and more personal.


The Introduction of Spider-Man Captain America: Civil War
Michael O’Leary (TV/Film Contributor)

My favorite movie moment of 2016 is hands down the unveiling of Spider-Man in the MCU. With minimal screen time, Peter Parker debuted with a personality I’d always known him to have that the other Spider-Man films never quite hit. As much as Spider-Man 2 is still my favorite superhero movie of all time, this moment showed the potential of the MCU Spidey surpassing it.


Quicksilver’s “Sweet Dreams” X-Men: Apocalypse 
Clement Bryant (Social Media Director/TV & Film Senior Writer)

While there were many moments from the MCU that had me cheering and crying nerd tears from my theater seat, this one comes from Fox and the X-Men. Say what you will about Quicksilver — Evan Peters plays him with such a fun and energetic spirit. As he was one of the highlights in X-Men: Days of Future Past, he was given another scene in X-Men: Apocalypse that did not disappoint. Set to “Sweet Dreams ” by Eurythmics, Bryan Singer out did himself by showing great use of CGI, set placement, pacing and cinematography. This was one scene that made the movie enjoyable, at least for a few minutes.
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