12 Days Of Marvel: Best Television Episodes Of 2016

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With 2017 around the corner and new projects like The Inhumans and Iron Fist coming down the pipe, we’re continuing our look at the best moments of Marvel with a look at the best television episodes of 2016 as chosen by our staff.

From heartbreaking moments (Rest in Peace Pop) to moments that left our hearts racing (Fitz? Simmons? Are you okay?) to groundbreaking visual effects (Ghost Rider’s Return Guys!) The television universe has been vast, diverse, and enjoyable.  Follow with us as we recount some of our favorite moments and see if they match up with yours.

Brittany Rivera (Senior Staff Writer/Events)


My favorite episode of television this year in the Marvel ‘verse was season 1, episode 3 of Luke Cage: “Who’s Gonna Take the Weight?” Luke Cage introduced me to a lot of amazing new-to-me-music, but none was better than Wu-Tang Clan’s “Bring the Rukus.” Walking Luke fight his way through Cottonmouth’s goons at Fort Knox while the song played over the action was a thrilling experience. Luke was fighting to protect his town, to avenge the death of Pop, and against society and Mike Colter did a wonderful job of capturing all those emotions. This is also the episode that reveals Scarfe’s true motivations and the beginning of the tension between Mariah and her cousin. After this episode of Luke Cage, I only wanted more.

Shawn Richter (Events/Staff Writer)


My favorite Marvel television episode of 2016 was easily Agents of SHIELD episode 4.01. I was SO excited to see Ghost Rider, but was worried that we might not see him until several episodes into the season. Instead, we saw a blurry glimpse of him just a minute into the first episode, followed by a full reveal later in the same episode. I loved the character, the VFX, the story, everything. He wound up being vital to the first half of season four, and was in every single episode. For me, Ghost Rider has been the highlight of all four seasons of Agents of SHIELD, not just season four.

John Ernenputsch (Associate Comics Editor/Reviewer)


Daredevil season 2 episode 4: “Penny And Dime” was my favorite Marvel TV episode of the year. Berenthal’s performance was possibly the best performance from any actor in any episode of any Marvel show ever.

Jennifer Redelle Carey (Event Staff/Editor)


My favorite episode of a Marvel television show is episode 2.09 of Agent Carter, “A Little Song and Dance.” This episode received much hype in regards to marking the return of Lyndsy Fonseca as fan-favorite waitress and actress Angie Martinelli and guest starring dancers from Dancing With the Stars in a particular dream sequence dance number. The scene in question is indeed pretty sensational, making references to at least ten memories for Peggy (stated by costumer Gigi Melton). A cool little piece of trivia here: the song in the dream “Whatcha Gonna Do (It’s Up To You)” was co-written by David Zippel who wrote “The Star-Spangled Man” for Captain America: The First Avenger. Once again there is a connection to Captain America in Agent Carter. 😀

The dream sequence is followed by one of the most intense and dramatic conversations between Peggy and Jarvis that has ever happened in the entire series. It was really Emmy-winning performances by Hayley Atwell and James D’Arcy. The drama between Edwin and Ana Jarvis and Jack Thompson and Whitney Frost in this episode is also especially good. This episode did a good job of getting everybody where they needed to be for the show down that was to come in the following episode and finale.

‘Snarky’ Shawn Carpenter (Pop Culture EiC/Animation Reviewer) 


My favorite episode of Marvel TV was a hard one to pick. The Netflix shows killed it and I had a real fun time reviewing the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series as well. It was a toughie even when I decided on a show but I chose Guardians of the Galaxy Season 1 Episode 11: “Space Cowboys.” Now this particular episode was one that I had a ton of fun reviewing this particular episode. It’s a Drax focused episode but also not. Rereading my review made me laugh a lot remembering just all of the silly nonsense this episode had to offer. Not to mention that this was one of the more reference heavy episodes as well. Seeing Drax act like a Terran (sorry earth) Cowboy was by far the funniest Drax moment next to the whole corn dog incident in the Earth episodes. This episode holds a place in my heart as one of the more fun episodes of this show. Granted there are a ton of them as well, and pretty much most of the first season is pretty fun and awesome. But yea that’s my pick for favorite episode.

Kathryn Calamia (Comics EiC/Video Reviewer)


I recently binged the last few episodes of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, and I really liked what they did with the Spider Slayer arc. In the first part of this arc we find out that Mary Jane still has the Carnage symbiote attached to her, and to help save Peter from “Kaine” she becomes the Ultimate Spider-Woman.

I was very impressed with the story arc the show gave Mary Jane! Even though she had these powers, she didn’t want to become a superhero like Peter. She saw the “With great power, must also come great responsibility” slogan in a different way. She thought being a hero would take away from her responsibility as a journalist and towards her family.

Tatiana Hullender (Staff Writer)


Daredevil Season 2, Episode 5: “Kinbaku.” Elektra has always a Marvel character that’s close to my heart, but Elodie Yung’s brilliant portrayal of her took her over the top for me. Not only was she charismatic and radiant, easily seducing the viewers as well as Matt in those flashbacks, but she was written as a perfect foil to Matt’s present. As much as I want Elektra to be more than a cipher, she perfectly represented the struggle within the protagonist. Matt wants the simple life – which we also see sweetly depicted on his date with Karen – but he’s drawn to the violent passions he had with Elektra. While I admit that the second season of Daredevil went off the rails for me at the end, “Kinbaku” was the promise of everything Marvel television can be at its best.
Another favorite hour of television is Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 3: “Uprising.” Yo-yo quickly became a favorite of mine as soon as she appeared onscreen, so I was ecstatic at the chance to learn even more about her in what appeared to be a bottle episode for her. While the story ended up jumping back and forth, it did so in a way that highlighted the plight of the Inhumans and made the stakes feel real by trapping one of our own against the Watchdogs. The dynamic between Daisy, Robbie and Gabe was also beautifully explored. As painful as it was, I enjoyed seeing Daisy’s own isolation reflected in Robbie. This episode had a lot of action, but also felt like a character study in many ways, and introspective stories are always my favorite.

Carolyn Poddig (Senior Staff Writer/Ast. Events Manager)

Episode 2 of Luke Cage titled “Code of the Streets” delivered an unbelievable twist towards the end that broke my heart. It set the stage for Luke’s driving motivation throughout the series – trying to live his life and balance his sense of revenge with his sense of purpose – trying to keep him from falling back into old habits of anger while accomplishing the act of being heroic.  It’s a must for any “most memorable” episode because once I saw it and people insisted Cage got “slow” I insisted, “Wait until Episode 2, that’s when it really picked up for me.”
It’s tied with “Justica” episode 6 of Slingshot. While Slingshot is late in the game as far as episodes go  and the entire series could arguably be one big long series, Justica is beautifully shot by Director Mark Kolpack, has more gorgeous Yo-Yo visuals and gives me some interaction we’ve only seen in bits and pieces – namely more of the iconic MCU relationship between Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Daisy Johnson.  Relationships between women that aren’t competing are rare and to see them as such good friends was both heartwarming and plainly wonderful.  It resolved Yo-Yo’s conflicts and made her not only feel like a part of the team but a special part.  Essential to Agents of SHIELD.

Lauren Gallaway (Editor in Charge/Director Of Operations)

While there were many great television episodes to choose from Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Agent Carter, I think my favorite episode of 2016 was actually Agents of SHIELD‘s Season 3 finale. In the two part finale, titled Absolution and Ascension, everything the season had been building up to was resolved. Quake, desperate for the drug Hive was supplying her with, broke out of Shield and asked Hive/Ward to take her back. I remember watching that episode and feeling so much compassion for Quake. When Hive realized Lash had made her immune to his “sway,” Quake and Hive engaged in one of the best battles of the series. The stunt work, the visual effects, the Matrix-esque choreography — everything was stunning. Then Coulson beamed himself to Hive’s ship — our first glimpse of a Life Model Decoy — and said the best line from Star Wars, “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.” It was a surprising moment of levity in an intense two-part finale. Then came Lincoln’s sacrifice and the finale death of Hive/Ward. It was sad to see both characters go, but Hive’s journey was at an end and Lincoln got to be the hero Quake always knew that he could be.

Jay El (Associate Comics Editor/Reviewer)

There were so many great TV episodes this year for Marvel, I mean it is a year with Ben Reilly on Ultimate Spider-Man after all! But my favorite moment will be from the Season 4 episode 8, the mid-season finale of Agents of SHIELD: “The Laws of Inferno Dynamics.” This episode wrapped up the Ghost Rider arc, brought Skye (yes, I still prefer calling her Skye) back to the team, but the reason that made this a favorite episode is because of the cliffhanger! In the final moments we find out that the L.M.D. (Life Model Decoy) Aida has kidnapped Agent May (my favorite character) and replaced her with a May L.M.D.! That’s a mid-season finale!
Brandon McKinney (Staff Writer)
The Agents of SHIELD episode titled “Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire” had one of my favorite moments of the year. When the inhuman James turns on Daisy and Jemma and they are cornered with nowhere to run. James goes to swing his flaming chain only to have it caught by Robbie Reyes. That was pretty badass.
Those are our top moments! Do they mesh with yours? Share in the comments below and keep it tuned to The Marvel Report for more of the 12 days of Marvel!
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