The Collector Corps X-Men Box Gets a Big Thumbs Up

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Collector Corps XMen Box

We have been Collector Corps subscribers from the beginning.  While Some boxes certainly were more exciting than others, Gavin and I agreed that this was definitely one of our favorites so far.  The December box is the X-Men box, and when it arrived we had no idea what was inside.

Gavin’s unboxing video is here to give you his reaction to what was inside.  Product photos and my thoughts are below.

As with all of the other boxes, the inside flap of this month’s Collector Corps box has a patch and a pin.  This month we are treated to a Magneto pin and a very cool looking Storm patch.

This month’s comic book features an adorable Fuko Cyclops on the cover and it’s a variant edition of Marvel Champions #1.  I love the comics with Funko characters on the cover and this one does not disappoint.

Collector Corps XMen Box

The clothing item for the X-Men Collector Corps box is a REALLY cool Xaviers School for the Gifted tee shirt.  After the unboxing video, Gavin wore the tee shirt for the rest of the night (and to bed).  X-Men fans will love this shirt.

XMen Collector Corps Box

Next up we found the Mystique Rock Candy figure.  Exclusive to the Collector Corps subscription box, I’m a big fan of the Rock Candy line.  You can also find She-Hulk, Spider-Gwen, Captain Marvel and Thor figures in the Rock Candy line from Funko.  They also offer several other non-Marvel characters as well.

Collector Corps XMen Box

Saving the best for last, we have this months exclusive Funko figure.  We had been told that this month’s Collector Corps box would include some sort of “vehicle figure” and I figured it would be Professor X in his wheelchair.  I was wrong, and what we got was so much better.

Collector Corps XMen Box

This has to be the coolest Wolverine Funko Pop ever.  Totally adorable, with one hand on the handlebars and claws out on the other hand.  The figure is removable from the bike, so you have a few options for displaying this one.  The dual kickstand on the motorcycle make it easy to put Funko Wolverine on the bike without it falling over.

Collector Corps XMen Box

This figure went straight from the box up to Gavin’s Funko Pop display in his room, he was SO excited when he saw it.

This month’s Collector Corps box was easily one of our favorites, but the next box already has me excited all over again.  The next box will be called Super Hero Showdowns, so I’m guessing we will get a hero and a villain Funko Pop in the next set.  Fingers crossed – the box shows Bullseye and Daredevil, but the promotional card that was inside of the X-Men box shows Captain America and Red Skull.  So who will we get?

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Here is one photo to show you everything that was in the December X-Men box from Collector Corps.  Minus the shirt, because Gavin refused to take it off for the photo.  😉

Collector Corps XMen Box


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