Gabriel Luna Meets Fans at Comic Book Stores in Austin

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Gabriel Luna Ghost Rider

Actor Gabriel Luna, known to Marvel fans as Robbie Reyes / Ghost Rider on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spent much of his day yesterday visiting comic book stores in his home town of Austin, Texas.  Luna announced his plans on social media with a video telling fans which stores he would be visiting and at what time.

He started by  picking up his own copy of the newly released Ghost Rider #1 at Tribe Comics & Games.


Luna then continued over to Dragon’s Lair Austin and then over to Austin Books & Comics where he met with numerous fans, took photos, signed autographs and went so far as to even buy the Ghost Rider comics for the fans!  He met with one very excited young fan and said later that he was “Glad that they found me before they found him” because this young man would have made a great young Robbie Reyes.

He later RT’d a lot of photos from the fans showing off their autographed copies of the new Ghost Rider comic book.  Fans were clearly excited to meet Ghost Rider in the flesh.

Personally I’d love to see Ghost Rider team up with the Red Hulk, or even the Thunderbolts (can you imagine the banter with Deadpool?) but on this day Ghost Rider did go toe to toe with The Hulk at one of the stores.  Maybe Bruce Banner showed up only to find out that the Ghost Rider comic was already sold out?

Gabriel Luna Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes

Even after he left the stores, the actor kept on giving.  He purchased extra copies of the comic book, autographed them and put them back on the shelves.  Imagine their surprise when these readers picked up an autographed copy, right off the shelf at Titan Moon Comics?


Overall it looks like comic fans in Austin were treated to one heck of a day with the Ghost Rider.  Gabriel Luna is thoroughly enjoying bringing one of his favorite comic book characters to life.  You can follow Gabriel Luna here:

Twitter:  Gabriel Luna

Instagram:  Gabriel Luna

The Winter Finale of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs next Tuesday December 6th on ABC.  Robbie Reyes and the new Ghost Rider was created by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore.  Pick up #1 at comic book stores now.

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