Guardians of the Galaxy 1.25 Review: Won’t Get Fooled Again

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Original Air Date: October 2 2016


Hey guys! Been awhile! Well now that my life has actually freed, thank the semester ending, I can actually get back to doing these reviews. So this one will be going up on Christmas Eve and I have one more planned for tomorrow as well, since it is a Christmas episode after all, to finish off Season 1. Then I am gonna go back and rewatch the whole season and give my overall opinion on it as a whole. Sounds good? Well let’s get started then with Guardians of the Galaxy Season 1 Episode 25: “Won’t Get Fooled Again” Wait no. That’s a The Who song title and the CSI: Miami theme… wonder what this episode is all about.


Woah Drax. You get a little too crazy when you’re hungry.
Drax is Hangry and tearing the ship apart and threatens to eat Rocket and Gators breaks the fight up. Quill suggests a Pit Stop. They get to Flood World where they are apparently already known and everyone but Quill has a bad feeling and then they get captured. As usual. They are now on the Doom Giver, a large blade like thing that will hehe give them doom. Apparently, they were on Flood World prior to being on Flood World. Sounds fishy to me. Quickly Gamora frees herself and stops the machine, though.
That’s not helping anyone Quill…
Quill recognizes this sort of thing and can only think of one person. Yondu. Also if you couldn’t tell this was their Halloween Episode. The plan was called “Trick or Treat”. It then cuts to the Ravagers dressed kinda like the Guardians.
Oh YAY! The bargain brand Guardians are here!
Their plan is to make a fake danger, by getting a Gremlin-like alien, called a Droom, wet, and forcing the townspeople out before stealing all of their goodies! So the real Guardians now have to stop Yondu since he’s not only endangering people, but he’s ruining the Guardians’ image. Meanwhile, Yondu has someone else take care of the Droom and dehydrate it. But the thing breaks and the Droom finds more water. Oops.
Just don’t feed it after midnight as well.
The Guardians arrive and now have to deal with the Droom. They fight the thing and have it drop down a giant hole in the ground. And Yondu moved to the next town and repeat. Cue Montage! And cue fight between Guardians and Ravagers. Then we realize why burying the Droom was a bad idea and why it’s called Flood World. Oops.
Someone had to say it…
Both Yondu and Quill get eaten by the Droom and the Ravagers try to leave. Not on Rocket’s watch as he attaches an explosive to their ship and now have a plan. And Quill and Yondu keep fighting while the rest shrink the Droom down to size. Which brings up a ton of questions. Well, the Droom exploded and both Quill and Yondu are free.
Oh? Is your arrow broken? Poor Yondu.
Quill gets Yondu to apologize for his actions the rest of the team threatens their copies in the funniest ways possible. Then right at the end, Quill calls out Yondu on his “genuine care” for Quill as Quill proceeds to reinforce us that his dad paid Yondu to train him. And with that, the Ravagers leave but not without Rocket’s “gift”. The mine was a paint mine. And that’s the end of the episode!

Final Thoughts:

This is definitely one of the more filler-y episodes of the season as we had already dealt with the plot and I’m ok with that for this series. It still progressed the characters and also showed us how much the Guardians have changed since before the end of the movie. All the nice little references were fun too don’t get me wrong. But overall this was a good episode. So check back here tomorrow for the Christmas episode and Season Finale of Guardians of the Galaxy titled “Jingle Bell Rock.”
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