Guardians of the Galaxy 1.26 Review: Jingle Bell Rock

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Original Air Date: December 17, 2016


Well! Here we are, the end of Season 1. This actually took us more than a year to get through. Remember all those strange hiatuses where I said the season was over? Fun times. Also Merry Christmas! If you don’t celebrate Christmas then a happy day to you! Luckily this episode review isn’t as late as yesterday’s review so there’s that. And I’m excited to finish the season up! It’s been a real rollercoaster ride with this show but I think it has come to its own. But I’m getting ahead of myself. That will come when I do the full season review later. Anyways on with the season finale of Guardians of the Galaxy titled “Jingle Bell Rock.”


Hey now, leave Cosmo out of this.
The episode begins with Gamora chasing down a criminal in Knowhere while Rocket heckles her. And while the Guardians chase down the criminal, Quill is off staring through a store window having a flashback to days of Christmas past before the criminal sneaks up on him and tries to take Quill’s gun.
Don’t ever touch Quill’s Element Blaster. He’s the only one who can use it.
After an altercation one of the atmosphere plugs gets blown and sucks Quill almost into space. Well, his pants do anyways. Cosmo seals the breach and they take the prisoner away. The Guardians notice something’s up.
And with that begins the plot for Season 2. The quest for Quill’s pants!
Quill has Christmas on the brain and thanks to Cosmo the whole team knows and dresses Groot like a Christmas tree. I can’t even make this stuff up. Apparently, Drax did some research. Worship of an Evergreen Tree by the name of Carol, a fat bearded man in a hover sled led by underfed moombas. Sounds right if you ask me.
Close enough right?
Quill returns to the ship a bit unhappy about it all since the crew was fighting and we get another flashback of how traumatic Christmas has been since he was taken off Earth. They take the criminal back to his world and Rocket experiences snow for the first time.
Is the little Raccoon cold?
They take the prisoner in and give Neeza his item back, he kinda looks like Scrooge actually. Then they go to get their reward, except there is no reward. He’s robbing them. And trying to kill them. They escape thankfully and now they are going to get revenge on Neeza.
How rude? No wonder everyone doesn’t like you.
Just how are they going to get revenge you ask? Well by reenacting A Christmas Carol. So Quill, Rocket, and Groot put the plan in action. It all goes well until Neeza pulls a blaster on them. Though it somehow works out.
This is definitely more spooky than the Halloween episode.
The Guardians free Altru, well Gamora and Quill do while the rest pilfer some treasure from Neeza. Though that is quickly stopped by his robots. The transport then becomes too heavy and Groot transforms into a Sleigh… ok. Scrooge tries his hardest to stop them but isn’t successful at all and now threatens to blow up his treasure so no one gets it. Rude.
Transform and Rollout! Wait wrong show.
Luckily Rocket finds a way to send the bomb elsewhere. And they get the treasure and the prisoners back to the village and start handing out gold.
Sorry, I’m just trying to not get blown up here!
But by far the best part is that Neeza’s pet just brings him the bomb. And like that Neeza is gone in an anti-matter vortex. And one last flashback of Quill with his mom to wrap the episode up.
Maybe next time you’ll learn to be nicer! If there even is a next time…

Final Thoughts:

And there we have it! Season 1 is complete. And it definitely was a fun little Christmas episode. This didn’t really do much in terms of progression but it definitely was fun. Season 2 has yet to have a premiere date so be on the look out for that. But there really isn’t much else to say. Thank you all for checking these reviews out and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!
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