The Inhumans Gets TV Debut Date, Generates Interested Actors

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The Inhumans are coming.

While the internet has been abuzz about the labor day Imax Event, the basic premiere date for the series has been unclear until recently.  According to IMAX CEO Greg Foster, the Inhumans is a landmark deal that’s inspired IMAX to call for more television series ideas, “This is the high end range of what we’ll be doing but we’re already looking for a second series.” Said Foster, “This is a really exciting opportunity that could blossom into more.”

With a premiere date of September first 2017, Foster then revealed that the Inhumans first two episodes will contain about 80 minutes of content and debut in IMAX theaters across the country and across territories.  The property will enjoy a two week theatrical run before it’s tuesday premiere date of September 26th 2017.  While fans of the Inhumans might worry for perennial fan favorite Agents of SHIELD, the show’s move to a 10pm timeslot may have opened up the door for a block of Marvel Tuesday Television, with the Inhumans acting as a lead in to the property.  Disney remains heavily committed to Marvel and will clearly be keeping an eye on the numbers.

Meanwhile, this news has generated quite a bit of interest in the casting department.  While the cast remains under wraps, a number of stars have expressed interest in playing characters – most notably Black Bolt the inhuman king.  Black Bolt as a character is somewhat unique, he doesn’t speak because his inhuman superpower is a voice that could literally destroy a person and potentially the location the person was in.  It requires chops and a heck of a lot of acting skill.


While Vin Diesel was the rumored fan favorite for the role, others have recently come forward seemingly interested and possibly pursuing the role. has drawn attention to pro-wrestling star Cody Rhodes, a wrestler trying to break into acting.

Rhodes, whose recent credits include working on Arrow opposite Steven Amell, appears to be passionate about the role calling Black Bolt “One of the Best Characters in All Comics.”

“The idea that a simple, spoken word could blow a room up is just… I dig everything that is Black Bolt.”

Rhodes opened up about how he’s moved to Los Angeles to begin his career and has been pursuing a number of roles. Could one of them be the inhuman king? Do you think he has the pathos to pull off the silent warrior?  Is he a worthy successor to Vin Diesel’s potential legacy? Sound off in the comments below true believers with your casting picks for the inhuman royal family and tell us your feelings about the Inhumans release date in the comments below. Excelsior!

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