Logan Poster Released, New Trailer Date Rumored

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We’re gearing up for 2017 at The Marvel Report, and with so much Agents of SHIELD  preparation as well as new surprises for 2017, we often miss the X-team information.  We’ve got a new Logan poster for you that’s making the rounds and news of a new trailer, dropping in January.

First and foremost we have a new poster dropped by Hugh Jackman that paints a very clear picture of the tone of the film.

The use of the sunset as well as Logan, honestly the first popular superhero character who has endured for over a decade is both poetic and poignant.  It’s a fitting nod, although hopefully not an end to the character.  (Perhaps just this incarnation of the character?)

This poster fits in with the overall tone of the film from the director who’s photography has been – to be perfectly frank – gorgeous.  The film is earning it’s Johnny Cash soundtrack.

Secondly, according to Trailer Track, there’s a rumored potential new trailer for Logan hitting in January.  Don’t trust everything you read on the internet (obviously) but according to Trailer Track we might see a brand new Logan trailer on January 16th. Might. 

It’d make sense given that Logan is scheduled to drop in March but it’s certainly fun to speculate.  With so many gorgeous visuals, it’s our opinion that Logan has at the very least visuals that’d earn it a few cinematography awards.

What we know so far is that the film is based on the Old Man Logan series of comics. Stars Hugh Jackman(Wolverine) and Patrick Stewart(Charles Xavier) are joined by Boyd Holbrook  as Donald Pierce and Dafne Keen play Laura – most likely Laura Kinney.  The Reavers are our back-up villains.   Hopefully with a new trailer we’ll be able to confirm the myriad synopsis floating around the internet for the film.

Excited about Logan? Excited about Laura? (We know we are).  Hit us up in the comments below.  Logan hits theaters March 3rd 2017.

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