Luke Cage Confirms A Season 2 Is In The Works

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Sweet Christmas!

Luke Cage, the award winning Harlem superhero show  confirmed via twitter this morning that a second season of the popular netflix series is coming.

Featuring the titular “Pop’s Barber shop” logo and a sign stating “Season 2 coming soon” Luke Cage appears to be sticking with the same look and feel that the show brought to viewers.   A question that comes up is instantly upon seeing this tweet is – what will this entail?

Fans of the show will recall that Luke’s brother, the villain diamondback ended up in the custody of the same doctor responsible for Luke’s abilities.  Will Luke’s brother end up with abilities similar to Luke’s? Fans have speculated that Diamondback might be transformed in a manner similar to Luke’s comic book brother Coldfire.

Comics wise, Luke’s brother James Jr. had a mutated form and the ability to control heat and cold thanks to an experiment similar to what gave Luke his powers.  With Cage and his brother poised to square off, seeing Coldfire (given that we live in a world with characters like Jessica Jones having abilities) seem poised to square off with season 2 becoming seemingly more – powerful then season one. With a message like “Always Forward” it’ll be hard to top and we’re excited to see what’s coming.

Puns aside, season one of Luke Cage  delivered on incredible special effects, beautiful cinematography, unbelievable set design and poignant socially relevant costumes conveying the overwhelming look and feel of the MCU at large.  We have an idea of the villain, but it’s important to remember that the series also gave us Misty Knight – Luke’s investigative partner and one of his many potential love interests.  Fans have taken to twitter with the hashtag #MistySoLit created by Black Girl Nerds, hoping that Marvel will note the very obvious demand for a show for the character.  Could season 2 see Misty Knight take center stage, take on new challenges and lead to a spin-off much the same way that Frank Castle was spun off from Daredevil Season 2?

The possibilities are endless and so far the only thing we know is that Cheo Hodari Coker and team have created something special, a world that many of us this reporter included are very excited to revisit.

Excited by the potential of Luke Cage’s season 2? intrigued? Want to speculate on villains? Hit up the comments below and share what you hope this new look at his world will bring. Excelsior!


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