Marvel Launches “Slingshot” Streaming Series!

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While tonight’s Agents of SHIELD finale bringing the heat, Marvel delivered a diamond in the rough (see the puns here? No? wait for our review to check out more) in the form of Slingshot a six part streaming series centering around amazing actress and all around bad-ass Natalia Cordova.

Yo-Yo’s introduction into Agents of SHIELD has been incredibly warm and the actress brings a much needed burst of levity to the occasionally dark series.  From her relationship with Mack (will they? Won’t they? stay tuned folks you don’t wanna move folks) to her eagerness and her embracing her inhumanity, Yo-Yo, AKA Elena Rodriguez has been a character fans have been clamoring to become a regular for a long time.

Instead (and amazingly), Yo-Yo gets her own series and a chance to go on a secret mission.  Will it have something to do with the rest of season 4 (and hopefully season 5?)

The series will be available December 13th on and ABC.GO.  It remains to be seen if it will be a part of the streaming/subscription service or if it will be available for free quite yet, but the fact remains that it’s Yo-Yo, on a secret mission – and who wouldn’t honestly be willing to fork over a little dough for that? According to Ms. Cordova, Slingshot will be an exploration of the time between season 3 and 4, a character exploring her sense of humanity when dealing with SHIELD and how she handles injustices.  “She doesn’t lose her humanity” Natalia said, “She doesn’t let any of this blind her.”

The series promises to be topical since Yo-Yo comes from a third world country . According to Ms. Cordova, “She’s from a third world country and she has a hard time dealing with a world where the police can’t be trusted.” It promises to be a spy show with superpowers and an incredibly powerful topical one.  Addressing the world outside our window is an essential directive of Marvel and to see it demonstrated and represented is very special.  She’s demonstrated so much talent, warmth, and sweetness this is more then deserved.

What do you think True Believers? Are you excited to see what Yo-Yo was up to during her absence in season 3? Want to talk that amazing mid-season finale for season 4? Talk to us in the comments below and stay tuned for our review.  In the meantime, check out more information about Slingshot by hitting abc.go.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Slingshot premieres December 13th on ABC streaming.


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