The Marvel Reporters’ Commentary on the March 2017 Marvel Solicits

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Every month, The Marvel Report will be commenting on the new Marvel solicits. Read our thoughts on March’s upcoming solicits, and then check out the full list at Comic Frontline.

Commentators: Kat, Tatiana, Jay

Editor: Tatiana



Kat – I’ve always felt that America Chavez has been a character with a lot of potential, but someone who doesn’t get a lot of panel time. I am looking forward to seeing what her ongoing series will bring us, and I am most interested in her college arc.

Tatiana – Since America’s introduction, I have waited with bated breath for her to headline her own title. I love that it sounds like Gabby Rivera will be taking somewhat of a fish-out-of-water approach with America attending college, and I can’t wait to see what adventures our favorite extra-dimensional butt-kicker goes on.

Jay – This title has a lot of talk about it, from the timing (given that the original creators created their own “America” book at Image) to the character herself. America has a lot of potential, and I hope it doesn’t become a book just about her ethnicity, sexual orientation etc. I want this to be a strong character-driven book, and more about her as a person and a hero.


Tatiana – Because I have total faith in Cullen Bunn’s skills as a writer, I’m more than ready for this event.

Jay – This title started out for me as sort of another gimmick, a joke even, but the more I hear and see about it, the more I am drawn in and find myself looking forward to it.


Tatiana – I’ve never read this particular title before, but Amadeus has grown on me as I read Champions. And with the addition of his sister Gabby as Lady Hellbender, this sounds like a fun ride I want to ride.


Kat – I feel like the Guardians are always setting aside their differences lately. When are we going to see an arc where they’re a team again?

Tatiana – Groot brings us all together! I hope that there is some character development and teamwork for the Guardians in this tie-in which carries through to their main title.


Jay – It sounds like they are going for an instant reset. Mutants will be ok and more can come, as will the Inhumans, which is cool with me.


Jay – I love to see that this event is driven and concludes with strong women in the leads.


Jay – R.L. Stine writing Man-Thing SOLD!


Kat – I’m very excited for the next chapter of the X-Men, and that Kitty Pryde will be at the center of bringing these X-Men books back together! I haven’t been excited for an X-Men book in awhile. So I hope this new event doesn’t disappoint, but it looks like the X-Men are finally going back to basics.

Jay – As cool as it is to see Kitty step up, I feel the X-Men series still drifting from me. It seems like long-time readers like me will be losing the original team more and more.


Jay – Marvel Boy! I can not wait to see how he plays into everything!

Tatiana – I have yet to get into Inhumans as a concept, even though I love Agents of SHIELD and Kamala Khan is my favorite heroine at the moment. But knowing that she’ll be involved, as well as the prospect of learning more about Medusa, has me sold on giving it a go.


Kat – I’m glad that Iron Fist is getting a new ongoing series just in time for his Netflix show.

Tatiana – Ed Brisson’s comments regarding who Danny Rand is without K’un Lun have me very interested in this run of Iron Fist. I hope the island of practitioners that he uncovers leads to more Asian supporting characters in the story.

Jay – I hope they don’t go as dark as the last series. The last series was the first Marvel title I dropped in last 2 decades due to the change of the character. I want Danny to remain true to who he is.


Jay – I really like this series and love seeing the classic team back in action!


Jay – I want so much more from this title, but I think it is Waid trying to find the new voices of these characters.

Tatiana – I was interested enough in the first two issues to come back for more, so I’m excited for what Waid has in store.


Jay – I am LOVING Champions. These characters are that fun teen team that Marvel has needed for such a long time now!

Tatiana – Champions has been a breath of fresh air thus far. The characters I already loved are being utilized well, and I’m falling in love characters I never paid attention to before.


Jay – Really like seeing this road Doom is on but would like better art.


Kat – I’m glad to see Riri more involved in the Marvel universe by this point in her series.

Tatiana – Jumping up and down in my seat at the thought of Riri meeting my other favorite Marvel girl, Kamala. I’m very interested in seeing how she will fit into the larger world of superheroes.

Jay – I like Riri, I just wish we knew her more. I also wish she didn’t have to be in this book, but instead could have her own Ironheart series. I wonder how she will interact with Deadpool, though.


Jay – How can anyone pull the strings when Kobik just did a mind whammy on him, only HIS memories were changed, not actual history.


Kat – This looks to be another interesting Hulk story, I can’t wait to read the first issue of her series.

Tatiana – I love that there seems to be a focus on Jennifer’s clients, because her work as a lawyer is just as heroic as the Hulk side of her.

Jay – Four months in a role my most anticipated book from Marvel! The more I see the more I want!


Kat – I’m excited to see how this title will end. I’ve never been a big Odinson fan, but this mini has garnered my attention.

Jay – I hope Odison returns as the Ultimate Thor! I can not wait to see him as Thor (even if it is just one Thor) again.


Jay – Big hopes for this title. I always loved Carol, but the new push for her to be on top, seems to have weakened her character at times. I am hoping this series gets her back on the right path.


Kat – Interesting to see an art change here. We will see if this changes the tone of the book.

Tatiana – I know that artist changes are natural, but they always disconcert me. Bur Gabriel Walta has done a fantastic job on Vision, and I look forward to seeing his work here.

Jay – I am enjoying Occupy Avengers and loving the chemistry between Clint and Red Wolf. Cover looks interesting. Can’t wait to see more!


Kat – It looks like this book will be giving us a lot of answers after the events of The Clone Conspiracy. I have a feeling this one-shot will be teasing a Ben Reilly book from Peter David and Mark Bagley, which would be very cool.

Tatiana – Given that this chapter is teasing another Spider book, I need to check in with it and see where it goes. So far The Clone Conspiracy has lived up to the hype, so I hope the conclusion and aftermath are equally as satisfying.

Jay – Marvel, Dan Slott, I am talking to you. Do not tease me with Ben Reilly! You set us up every few years with him returning only to pull it out from under us. I feel like Charlie Brown with Marvel (and now Slott) being Lucy and Ben being the football. Please do not make me feel like a blockhead for believing it!


Kat – This book also looks important for teasing the future of Spider-Man, and looks to have some other fun stories in the mix.

Jay – PLEASE let the Confidential Creative Team be Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz, and be a Ben Reilly story! PLEASE let the rumors be true!!!!


Jay – I blame Kat, she bought issue 1 and I was “Venomed” again! I want to like this series, but the first issue left me let down.

Tatiana – I still miss Flash Thompson, but I like the idea of the Symbiote losing control to its host and actually being the more rational of the two.


Kat – This looks like we are going to get a lot of family fun in this issue, which is what we love about Renew Your Vows.

Tatiana – Mary Jane and Peter’s relationship is what pulled me into the world of Spider-Man to begin with, so reading about their family has been a treat. Can’t wait to see what shenanigans Annie gets up to this time!

Jay – I love Annie-May. But I want to see pre-Annie-May days. Could this be what life would be like if the Clone Saga never happened? Did the Clone Saga happen? Did Ben live? Did Ben die? Yes, I know I am in Ben Reilly mode, but this world is bigger than Peter, M.J. and Annie-May. I want to see how they became this family.

SILK #18

Kat – Looks like things are getting intense for Cindy! I’m worried about Hector’s fate.

Tatiana – After the exhilarating high of reuniting with Hector and her family, I knew Cindy was in for a crushing blow. I know she’s strong enough to survive it, but I’m concerned about whether I will be able to handle it!


Kat – After the revelations in the latest issue of Spider-Woman, looks like things are going to get heavy for Jessica.


Kat – It’s cool that they are still using story from the Web Warriors series.

Tatiana – I’ve been waiting to see how Gwen and Miles unfolds for what feels like years. Gwen has been kind of a downer lately, so I wonder if Miles will perk her up?


Kat – Still very interested in this relationship.

Tatiana – “What will our heroes do with their newfound feelings for each other?” Kiss, I hope!


Jay – I can not wait to read this! I love the preludes, but I hope this isn’t like the Civil War Prelude, and instead it really sets us up for the movie. Maybe the origin of this Peter Parker?


Jay – I love Moon Girl. This is one of the most feel good titles from the House of Ideas!


Kat – This seems like it could be a fun story arc for Kamala.

Tatiana – My previous thoughts still stand, as this seems like a fun break from “bigger” arcs while still being a story that’s very relevant to readers today.

Jay – This can be so great! I have been waiting for her online writing and fandom of the heroes to play a bigger role and cause problems since day 1, and it is happening now!


Kat – I’m interested in this take for Elektra. It’s cool to have a “hero” in Sin City.


Kat – I’m really excited to see Jessica Jones and Captain Marvel interacting again. They both need a friend right now.

Tatiana – Relieved to hear the mystery will be resolved by now, and the story can begin focusing on the aftermath. The series has so far been excellently set up, but I’m glad they won’t be spinning their wheels too long.

Jay – This payoff BETTER be good!


Kat – This looks like it can be a fun filler issue.

Tatiana – I spy Luke, Jessica and Danielle on this cover. Can I pretend this means they’re okay and happy?


Kat – Very happy to see Janet making an appearance in this issue.

Jay – Nadia is really starting to grow on me as a character. The more I see her, the more I like her. I just hope they keep using Janet instead of allowing her to be phased out because someone else is running around with her name.


Kat – I really enjoyed the first issue of Hawkeye. So I can’t wait to read more!

Tatiana – Female legacy heroines are my life force, so here I am.


Tatiana – Even if you don’t read Squirrel Girl, which is a big mistake on your part, you’ve got to read their solicits. Just to give you a taste of how talented and hilarious this creative team is. Doesn’t matter what the plot is, each issue is a blast.


Kat – Looks like this will be a big issue for Silver Surfer! A series more people should be taking about.


Kat – Both Sam and Richard’s story seems fun for this issue! I’m mostly looking forward to seeing how Sam’s date will go.

Tatiana – As a total newbie to the world of Nova, the first issue captured my attention right off the bat. And let’s be honest, I’m a sucker for potential romance.

Jay – I loved the first issue, and you could tell that there was something dark on the horizon with how Richard came back. I can not wait to see more!


Kat – This is going to be an action packed issue for Wolverine!

Jay – Tom Taylor has really brought back the essence of Laura’s character while progressing her into a new, stronger woman. I am loving this title.


Jay – Seems like a set-up for X-Men Blue #1


Jay – I am really looking forward to this book! I love Darth Maul and can’t wait to read more of him in this new era of the Star Wars Extended Universe.

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