New Spider-Man Animated Series Will Include Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen

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At New York Comic Con this year we learned that Ultimate Spider-Man would be ending after its fourth season to allow a new Spider-Man show to come in its place. The people behind the show did not give much in terms of details for the upcoming series other than it will focus on Peter through his high school years, more so than Ultimate did and without Principal Coulson (as far as we know). It will be more of a classic take on the character. However, there was a rumor going about that he wouldn’t be the only Spider-Person roaming New York.

Thanks to some merchandise pictures for the upcoming Disney XD Spider-Man series we now know that Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy will be appearing in the series as well as Venom as an antagonist. The merch shows off quite a bit making me guess that these characters won’t just be one off characters but actually part of the main dynamic. Ultimate Spider-Man did something similar but in its first season only had Peter Parker as the only Spider-Person of the team.

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What does this mean for the series going forward? Does this make you want to watch it even more? I definitely will be checking this out once it arrives. Let me know your thoughts either in the comments or on our Facebook or on Twitter!

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