New X-Men Movie to Start Filming in May

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20th Century FOX is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to our favorite mutants. With “Logan” coming soon and Deadpool 2 in the works, we get more exciting news from the X-Men universe.

According to “Le Journal De Montréal,” FOX has established production offices at MELS Studios in Montreal and begin and will begin filming the next project this May. The construction of the films set starts as early as January.

Although we do not know what they intend to film at the studio we do know that the last two projects filmed there were “X-Men Days of Future Past” and “X-Men Apocalypse”.

While FOX has hinted at wanting to do a soft reboot of the franchise sources indicate that James McAvoy (Professor X) and Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) have expressed interest in renewing their contract and reprising their roles. At the same time there is a New Mutants project that is also in the works being directed by Josh Boone.

Regardless of what this mystery project is X-Men fans can rejoice because it will be it will be here soon. FOX hasn’t had the best reception for the previous films but things are certainly looking up for the franchise in the near future.

Source: Le Journal De Montréal (via Screenrant)

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