REVIEW: Ms. Marvel #13 – “Election Day”

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Ms. Marvel #13
Writer: G Willow Wilson
Penciler : Mirka Andolfo
Colorist : Ian Hrring
Letterer : VC’s Joe Caramagna
Release Date : 11/30/16
Price : #3.99



Ms. Marvel is and always will be a hero of the people, so when she finds out that her beloved hometown of Jersey City is being threatened by Hydra of course she wants to step into action. However Kamala soon discovers that this is a problem that she can’t solve with her fists, so she decides to rally the people and help Jersey City defend itself from the inside out.



I’ve always had a soft spot for the street level heroes. They are the type that don’t need a fancy headquarters or the big fame. All they need is the love and support of their community. Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel embodies that street level spirit. I’ll be honest this is a filler issue so their isn’t much to say. Kamala and Mike are still really feeling Bruno’s absence. In order to deal with this they decide to go right to work. This leads them discovering that the hydra hipster is rigging the voting in order to win the race for mayor.


Once Kamala starts on her mission that’s when the ball really starts rolling. Of course Kamala doesn’t want her city to be taken over by Hydra , so she tries to do all that she can to save it. In order to deal with this issue she goes right to the source. She confronts the current mayor and offers her assistance. He can’t directly accept her offer but he slyly gives her the go ahead. From that point on Kamala hits the streets and serves as a rallying cry to her community to get out there and vote to protect their home. The entire sequence shows just how much Jersey City loves and respects Ms. Marvel¬† That’s what I think the charm of this issue is. It’s awesome whenever we get to see the hero and their community bond and work together to stop a threat to home.



The art for Ms. Marvel is always a treat. It’s always one of the brightest, most fun, and most vibrant to look at, and this issue is know exception. Mirka Andolfo does a great job. The facial expressions are on point. I think the best part about the art is how well they were able to showcase the diversity of the Jersey City community.



Like I said before this was a filler issue, but it was an extremely topical one. Ms. Marvel is so great because of how well the supporting cast has been built up over her run. This issue¬† definitely shows that. It was an issue about unity and coming together, which is something that seems to be coming up a lot lately. Sure this wasn’t plot heavy but I really enjoyed the message behind it and showing how far Kamala has come with her status as the hero of Jersey City.

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