Ryan Reynolds To Receive Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, Hugh Jackman Congratulates Him!

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This awards season has seen Deadpool at the top of it’s game and it feels fitting to cap it off with star Ryan Reynolds receiving a star on the Hollywood walk of fame tomorrow.  The star of Van Wilder, The Croods, and The X-Men Franchise has been a much discussed topic in Hollywood this season.  Deadpool has garnered two Golden Globe nominations as well as winning best comedy and best actor at the Critics Choice Awards.


What makes Deadpool so popular? The little film that could began as leaked footage that fans started clamoring to see after appearing illicitly online.  While the studio was initially skeptical, Deadpool turned into a sleeper hit of 2016 grossing almost as much as major tent pole superhero franchises.  With 745 million dollars worldwide, Deadpool surpassed The Matrix Reloaded as the highest grossing film of all time.  Why? What makes the Merc with a Mouth a must watch?

Simply put, humor. Hollywood’s superhero franchises and Marvel’s “Cinematic Universe” have over a decade worth of experience under their belts and it seems only natural that humor that would play to a crowd who has grown up on Tony Stark’s alcoholism, Captain America’s boyish good looks and Bucky Barnes’s tragic backstory.  Deadpool is graphic, dirty, and just plain fun because it takes all of those things and lampoons them.  The real issues that Hollywood packs into it’s superhero franchises are real, Deadpool simply reminds us that even at our worst we can take the time to be who we are – irreverent and silly.

With a sequel that was plagued by difficulties Fox held true to their view that Deadpool must resist the urge to become a typical superhero sequel.  Largely thanks to it’s star Ryan Reynolds whose anti-hero attitude has captured the hearts and minds of the R-rated public, and the PG-13 rated public thanks to a few appearances in Marvel’s Disney XD universe.  While you shouldn’t take your kids to see the film (please don’t.) You should take them to see star Ryan Reynolds get his walk of fame star for an incredible body of work topped off with this surprising cherry on top.


Deadpool 2 is scheduled for release January 12 2018.  Slated to be directed by David Leitch, the film has star Ryan Reynolds reprising his role.



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