The Stan Lee Box is Revealed

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There are many subscription boxes to choose from these days, so we’re always wondering which ones are worth the money?  The Stan Lee Box caught our eye so we subscribed a few weeks ago.  This is the first box, and subsequent boxes will arrive every other month.  Ours just arrived, and we were very excited to see what was inside!

Gavin and I made a short unboxing video for your entertainment.  Product photos and my comments will follow below.  Our video takes place at Tony Stark’s pad in upstate New York (as evident by the Iron Man suit, and the shield that is now in his possession).  We also had some fun with that idea that Stan Lee should be able to lift Mjilnor (many fans have thought the concept would make a great post credit scene).  We hope you enjoy the video!

Now that you’ve heard Gavin’s review, here are my thoughts.  The outside of the box was pretty cool, with a picture of Stan Lee, and some super hero type text on the sides.  One thing I noticed on the side of the box was that they actually have a contest for unboxing videos.  So if you shoot your own Stan Lee Box unboxing video, be sure to upload it to  You could win a cool prize – this month’s prize is a Civil War Captain America bust worth $80!  We entered our video right away.

Now to what is inside.  The first thing we saw when opening the box was the product guide.  The guide has a picture and a paragraph giving you details about every item in the box.   Next we found a Stan Lee Fun Fact Card.  This card talks about “How can Superman fly?”  About the size of a credit card, and placed in a protective sleeve.

Stan Lee Box

Next up was a pair of Marvel Champions #3 comic books (variant covers – both color and black and white, retail $3.99 each).   Written by Mark Waid and drawn/colored by Humberto Ramos, it’s a very fun comic book cover, and was just released on December 7.

Stan Lee Box

After that we found a Superior Spider-Man My Own Worst Enemy compilation with issues 1-5 inside.  This book was written by Dan Slott and was published on June 11, 2013 retailing for $17.99.

Stan Lee Box

After that we found a hardcover book titled Amazing Fantastic Incredible:  A Marvelous Memoir.  Published on November 3, 2015 this entertaining book is basically a big comic book wherein Stan Lee himself explains to you how modern comics came to be.  A very cool product.  Retail value is $30.

Stan Lee Box

Next in our box was a Rock Candy Captain Marvel figure from Funko.  I really like the Rock Candy series, which also includes She-Hulk, Thor and Spider-Gwen.  I don’t know if every box comes with Captain Marvel, or if it’s random.  In any case, each of these figures is adorable and retails for $15.95.  At five inches tall, this is a must have for any Captain Marvel fan.

Stan Lee Box

Next up was my personal favorite item.  If you know me, you know what a huge Captain America fan I am.  Inside the Stan Lee Box is a Quantum Mechanix Captain America Civil War figure.  Retailing at $19.95 and standing at just over four inches tall, this is an adorable figure that brought a huge smile to my face.  Called the QFig series, there are other Marvel characters available online such as Deadpool and Doctor Strange.

Stan Lee Box

Lastly in the bottom of our box was a very nice portrait of Stan the Man himself.  It’s a beautiful picture, and printed on some sort of thick card stock I believe.  It’s also safely tucked inside of a protective plastic sleeve to keep it from harm.  A great item for anyone who is a Stan Lee fan (which you obviously are if you subscribed to the Stan Lee Box).

Stan Lee Box

Back to my original question, is the Stan Lee Box worth the money?  This first box was definitely worth the money, considering the cost of the box ($49.99, plus shipping for a total of $58).  But whether it’s worth it to you depends on your personal taste.  Personally I enjoy the surprise of finding out what is inside of these subscription boxes and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

If you are interested in getting this box, they are almost sold out.  Or you can subscribe to start with the next box.  Just visit for details.

Thanks, Stan!

Stan Lee Box

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