Agents of SHIELD 4.10 Review: “The Patriot”

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Agents of SHIELD 4.10 Review: “The Patriot”

Between the Watch Dogs’s militia roaming a national park and Mace’s secret, The Patriot goes ripped-from-the-headlines and makes it Marvel.

Mace’s Reveal

Mace is a man with good intentions but twisted execution. You can advocate for a people, but wearing a mask of their face isn’t the way to do it. One could argue that he was just doing his job if it weren’t for his monologue in The Patriot’s final moments.

Clearly conveyed as meaning to help, Mace’s decision to live in the shoes of something he’s not left me uneasy. Granted, the spy game is all about lying but this one felt off-putting.

Agents of SHIELD 4.10 Review: “The Patriot”
Agents of SHIELD: The Patriot

Leo Fitz Meet Tony Stark

Radcliffe doesn’t let anyone stand in the way of his work, whereas Fitz’s work won’t let him stand in the way. He can’t help himself from going down a road he knows is a bad idea.

It’s clear that Fitz is currently standing as Tony Stark in Age of Ultron. He’s a victim of his own sense of discovery misguiding his conscience. Like with Mace, intentions are all well and good but execution is another matter. Perhaps the result will be LMDs with a “safe-mode” or helping to free Robo-May from Radcliffe’s control, allowing her to help the team. The problem is in the variables, so much can go wrong with could intentions. The ramifications could be horrendous.

Agents of SHIELD 4.10 Review: “The Patriot”
Agents of SHIELD: The Patriot

The A-MAY-ening

The most interesting thing about the LMD storyline isn’t just robots rising up, because we got a fairly straight forward version of that with Age of Ultron. I’m invested in Robo-May’s realization that she is synthetic. For all she knows she’s the real Melinda May, which would imply she’d question any memory she holds.

At some point I have to assume she’ll turn. Whether of her own will or Radcliffe’s programing.

Also, nice gag twisting the real May’s calming dreams. Of course she wouldn’t want to be relaxing at a seaside spa or getting a massage, this is May. Give her something to punch and she’ll sleep like a baby!

The Horror…The Horror!

Cleaning up the loose ends and “whodunnit?” nature of the series feels like a good move this year. Keeping me guessing is nice but I don’t like being bogged down by questions. Right now we’ve got to shed some light on Radcliffe and Nadeer.

While the intrigue doesn’t run quite as thick this year, it’s a benefit for the story. Notes of different types of horror have branched into the story making AoS more open-genre than just a spy show. It’s exciting because it unlocks potential for more weirdness in varied tales to come.

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