Agents of SHIELD 4.11 Review: “Wake Up”

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Agents of SHIELD 4.11 Review: "Wake Up"
Agents of SHIELD 4.11 Review: “Wake Up”

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The…

The plan is set and distractions are in place. The Sokovia Accords come into play as Daisy intends to sign, becoming legitimate in the eyes of the law.

With a heartfelt and hopeful testimony, Daisy presents human and inhuman alike as everyday Americans. All have the same rights and protections, or at least should. While it’s not the spectacular Moon-dwelling stories that excite me the most when it comes to our powered counterparts, it’s done well. It’s a meaningful, down-to-earth monologue that rings true to our times.

As Daisy answers questions, Coulson and Yo-Yo attempt to bug Senator Nadeer’s office. An EMP interrupts the mission and they’re captured. So, things are clearly going according to plan. While this will cause more trouble, it also informs Coulson of one thing: There’s a leak at SHIELD.

Agents of SHIELD 4.11 Review: "Wake Up"
Agents of SHIELD, “Wake Up”

May Or May Not

Upon May’s attempted escape From Radcliffe’s lab I began wondering why Aida would have a clumsiness about her. I know she’s programmed to be as human as possible but it seems like something that wouldn’t happen at home. Later in the episode it’s explained why.

May kicks all of the butt in this episode. Really, just Aida’s, but she kicks the whole thing. Her flight; tense and focused. Each new doorway and encounter with Aida felt like playing through Castlevania mixed with Mega Man’s bosses. Each victory, though, was taken away when it’s revealed she’s in The Framework. It’s as if she’s an unknowing Flynn in Tron.

Meanwhile Robo-May is coming to grips with realizing she’s not the real Melinda May and Radcliffe isn’t making it any easier. The joyous tone Radcliffe takes on when revealing his plan to her gave me an intense shiver. While it’s clear that Robo-May is a threat, it’s hard to not feel sympathy for her. She’s not acting of her own free-will and can’t even do what any May, real or fake, would want to do: punch Radcliffe.

The End Of RadFitz

I don’t like this Leo Fitz. Sure, sure, it turns out he’s totally right in the end about Radcliffe but why couldn’t he just tell Simmons his plan? I don’t like seeing him down in a hole shutting Jemma out while she’s clearly there to help him. He’s finally in a place with her that he shouldn’t have that space between them.

Anyway, the science-based bromance is over between the two. Fitz’s extra-curricular Aida work was actually an investigation into Radcliffe’s activities, and it turns out he’s SHIELD’s leak. It’s not entirely surprising, but works to drive the season’s plot forward. He’s clearly been up to no good for some time, so it makes sense.

Agents of SHIELD 4.11 Review: "Wake Up"
Agents of SHIELD, “Wake Up”

More Twists Than Chubby Checker

Twists are great but when they pile up things can get a bit convoluted. I’m glad Fitz isn’t actually Ultron-ing with his Aida obsession and Radcliffe being the leak makes sense but the time spent with them could have been better used.

Since it’s the only part of this episode which wasn’t “part of the job,” Mack’s backstory felt underutilized. Unfortunate, after the set up it had episode ago. Hope could have made a compelling and personal one-off episode during the back half of the season.

There were some decent plot reveals, and amazing action sequences with May being in The Framework so I enjoyed Wake Up. I just think revealing Mack’s pain as how it affects Yo-Yo was the wrong choice and it left me somewhat disappointed.

AGENTS OF SHIELD airs Tuesday nights, 10/9c on ABC.

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