Avengers Academy is Under Siege

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Under Siege

Just as quick as it was announced the Under Siege event for Avengers Academy is underway. 4 of the big bads from previous events are back for revenge against the school. With the help of Baron Zemo Kingpin, Carnage, Ronan the Accuser, and Mephisto are back!


Episode 1:

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But they aren’t the only ones returning to the fight! The heroes from previous events come back once more to lend their aid to the Academy to fight these villains. For Episode 1 you get the chance to unlock Dracula again if you have missed out on him and you also get the chance to beat up and capture Mephisto if you haven’t already done so.

He’s young, he’s sarcastic, and he’s out for blood. Literally.

To unlock Dracula this time around you will need 1500 credits, and 1 Tomato Juice, which can be received by beating up Mephisto twice.

So much simpler now.

And by beating up the bosses you will be rewarded with keys to unlock even more heroes to join the fight like Winter Soldier, Punisher, Jack O’Lantern, Blade, Electro, and Green Goblin if you missed them. I think Groot might also be in there but I have already unlocked him so I can’t quite confirm that bit. Each crate costs 10 keys to open so better put on those butt-kicking shoes since these baddies are going to get pummeled.

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Also, for the third time, Baron Zemo is available for recruiting (even though he’s the reason everyone is out). He is available for 995 Infinity Shards and he helps with unlocking Training Portals and increases Shackle drops to fight the bosses.

Not sure if looking good in purple is going to help with the whole beating up bad guys thing.

Speaking of Training Portals, they are back and come in two forms at the moment. There are the normal ones that are used by heroes that you have already unlocked from events passed and then there are the Premium ones that the base heroes can use to power up with each costing about 195 Infinity Shards each.


The first episode of the event ends in a few days so act quickly or Mephisto will escape once more!


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