Avengers Academy Ultron Event – Episode 1

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So Ultron has begun his revolt against Avengers Academy and has taken all the robot helpers with him. And in the process has also managed to capture several familiar or unfamiliar characters which you can now recruit to the academy. Episode 1 started back on January 20, 2016, and ends on January 26, 2016. Through this event, you will be able to recruit Kate Bishop, Viv Vision, Jocasta, Lucky, a reprogrammed Ultron and even Hawkeye himself as the end goal. Hawkeye will be released as part of the ever-growing Avengers Academy story sometime after this event so don’t worry too much if you don’t recruit him now.

HANK!!!!!!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!!!!
You’d think he’s joking, but he is Ultron after all.

The whole event centers around you collecting 100 boomerang arrows which will then help you unlock Hawkeye toward the end. You can receive them through the event but each episode has a limit to how many you can get. Episode 1 has 30 arrows available. There is one exception to the limit and that is that when you recruit Lucky you receive 10 arrows automatically. But that will be covered further on. The other way for this episode is for Tony to sabotage Ultron which will also net you wrenches to fight Robocap.

You get a whole new mission board, as with most events, and the currency this time around are microchips. If you have the Infinity Shards you can purchase generators that will automatically give a set number to you every so often.

Also returning are the SHIELD agents who will act as your fighting force against Ultron’s robot army. Tony admits that Cap is right in this case and goes forward with it. They help you so you can sabotage Ultron.

Moving forward with the quest you need to build Hawkeye’s apartment. Yes, the entire building is being moved into the academy. My academy is a bit cramped right now.

Wouldn’t be the first time someone moved an entire apartment building on campus. Probably won’t be the last either.

Once you build it you will receive some anti-metal which will help train your heroes to fight whoever the episode miniboss is. This time around the miniboss is Robocap. Here to fight Robocap is Loki (for some reason), Black Widow (once you unlock her costume), Kate Bishop (once recruited), and Lucky (if purchased/recruited).

Oh look! He has Steve’s personality!
Maybe a little too much…


And now we get into the unlockables. Episode 1 includes 1 character, 2 costumes, and a premium character.

So first up is Kate Bishop as Hawkeye wants you to recruit her first since she’s his favorite Hawkeye, definitely the cutest thing yet. Now to recruit her you will need 42 rapiers from the mission board, 6 sunglasses (from her car), 10 Purple Iron Man Helmets (from either a premium generator or from fighting Robocap), and 2950 Microchips. Do this and she is yours and will help fight Robocap.

We get it!! You like purple.

She does have a costume as well, but at the time of writing this, I do not know what is required to get it. Instead here’s a screenshot of the suit.

Which wouldn’t be the worst thing, right?

But the other costume for this episode is for Black Widow and it is her Cutting Edge suit that Tony creates for her to fight the robot army. To unlock her outfit you will need 20 nanobots from the mission board, 4 helmets from her Tron inspired Speedbike, and 1,910 microchips. Here’s a funny interaction she has with Ghost Rider.

You sure? Or is it because you know you’ll lose?

And one with Tony:

Don’t give her ideas Tony.

And the last little unlockable is by far the best, but it is a premium character. That is Lucky the Dog! Yes, it is the first pet to be a playable character in this game. Not the first animal (Spider-Ham and Lizard would have some words). He’s available for 777 Infinity Shards and when you unlock him he is already battle ready and gives you 10 arrows to help towards unlocking Hawkeye. Seriously look at him. He’s a pizza-loving bundle of joy.

Me, all day everyday.
Even while sleeping, pizza is on the brain.

That’s pretty much it for the first episode, though this post will be updated as I get more information. Are you enjoying the event so far? Have you recruited the first dog into your academy? Let me know in the comments or on out social media pages.

Also check out my previous event coverage and all other things related to Avengers Academy here!

Oh and as a bonus here’s Star-Lord with Lucky featuring America Chavez trying to lift Mjölnir:

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1 Comment

  1. I’m new to MAAcademy. I’m earning the rewards for fighting RoboCsp but don’t know if I will finish him in time.

    You get rewards from fighting him (credit cards I think) and can use them to buy the costume for female Hawkeye or Lucky’s pizza parlor.

    But the total for beating every time is the exact cost of getting female Hawkeye’s new uniform.

    If I get them all, should I get that, or get Lucky’s pizza parlor? Does the pizza parlor drop some needed item, like more credit cards to get Hawkeye’s uniform? It costs less than the uniform does.

    Do both go away at the end of this week?

    It’s so hard to get the items off the board needed to sabotage Ultron which gives the wrenches to attack Robocap!

    And the anti metal from hawkeye’s house just don’t drop fast enough to level your heroes to fight the uber Robocaps.

    Please pass along your thoughts.