Cable Joins the Marvel Contest of Champions Roster

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Cable; the Omega level, time traveling, mutant offspring of Cyclops and Madelyne Prior (a clone of Jean Grey), is taking on the Battlerealm alongside the already staggering lineup of Marvel’s greatest. Considering he’s bested Red Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man hand to hand as well as once levitated a city while fighting the Silver Surfer he’s a natural fit.

With his trademark enormous shoulder pads, Techno-Organic Virus, and endless pouches he looks like he leaped straight out of his comic book and his fighting kit is no exception.

Character creator Simon Cameron told “He’s definitely his own mutant! Cable is an excellent all-rounded fighter. His Regeneration will help keep him in the fight through a full quest, he can Power Gain once his Signature Ability has been unlocked, allowing for more Special Attacks, as well as more chances to trigger his Regeneration.”

In the comics, most of Cable’s powers are spent fighting off his Techno-Organic Virus that is slowly trying to take over his body. This constant internal struggle between using powers to keep himself alive and using his immense abilities to save others has always been core to the character and will feature heavily in the game.

Simon went on to say “When Cable was infected with the Techno-Organic Virus it nearly killed him until he learned to use his powers to keep it in check. So to keep himself alive he is forced to continuously exert a portion of his powers against it. As he begins to successfully suppress the virus it takes less effort to hold it at bay. In game terms this means each time he gains a bar of Power, he has a chance to immediately trigger a Power Gain Buff on himself.”


Cable is a phenomenal addition to the game and we anxiously await to see how the story of the Battlerealm continues to unfold now that our favorite time traveling mutant has chrono-skimmed his way onto the scene.

He is also joined by Gwenpool! You can check out that information here!




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