Doctor Strange SH Figuarts Available

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Marvel Toy News announced that the Doctor Strange SH Figuarts are available to order in the U.S. There were some licensing issues that Bandaii Tamissions Nations had to work around in order to make the figure available in the U.S. But have no fear! You can order here .

The U.S. version of the figure comes in an exclusive “Burning Flame Set”.

Check out the SH Figuart in the gallery below:

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Marvel Toys News:

Along with seven (!) fire effects pieces, the movie Doctor Strange Figuarts figure will include four magic effects pieces (two big and two small), four pairs of interchangeable hands (including awesome spellcasting hands), a pair of effects-holding hands, and even an interchangeable extra head.

The extra head is listed in the specs for the figure, although I honestly don’t see any difference between any of the heads in the official photos from Bandai. That’s a pretty nice Benedict Cumberbatch portrait for a 6″ figure, though, don’t you think?

The figure is available to order now, but the figure won’t be released until July 25th. The figure is priced at $84.99.For more in depth details about the figure check out Marvel News Toys website.

Are you excited for this figure? Do you plan on getting one yourself? Let us know!

As always, we’ll continue to update you on all things Marvel.

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