Eddie Brock Returns as Venom this Spring

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In an unexpected Tweet, Marvel announced the return of everyone’s favorite Symbiote original host. Eddie Brock will be reprising his role as Venom in issue 6 this April.

It’s an exciting turn of events as we have seen so much development of the Symbiotes personality since they last parted ways. After being attached to the war hero Flash Thompson we have seen a complete reversal in Venom’s violent nature. We learned that his species is a benevolent one and we even got to see the corruption that turned him to violence in the first place removed.

Eddie Brock

Venom’s current host is quite the opposite however. Lee Price is a violent and evil man who resists the Symbiotes effort to continue to do good. Unfortunately the symbiote is too weak to survive without a host.
It’s unclear how this will all play out. Last we saw Brock he was bonded with the Toxin Symbiote to hunt down Carnage and Lee Price the current host is alive and well. It will be fascinating to see what happens when then these old friends reunite under these new circumstances.

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