Ironheart Makes Mobile Gaming Debut

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Riri Williams, Ironheart.
Riri Williams (Ironheart) makes her mobile gaming debut in “Marvel Puzzle Quest.”

Ironheart, Riri Williams, is the newest addition to the mobile game, “Marvel Puzzle Quest.”

Ironheart is quite fresh on the comic scene, debuting in May of 2016. Williams is a 15-year-old engineering student with superior intellect even to most people beyond her age. She saw Tony Stark (Iron Man) as a mentor and decided to build a suit of her own, becoming Ironheart.

So, with news of the fresh character making her debut in mobile gaming. sat down with Josh Austin, the producer of “Marvel Puzzle Quest”, for a quick interview.

“After adding some well-established heroines to “Marvel Puzzle Quest” with the Queen of the Inhumans and Carol Danvers. We are super excited about the new Ironheart character and the recent hand-off of Iron Man to this new strong female character,” said Austin.

Williams has a somewhat superior intellect to others and is already impressing Stark in the comics.

“While Medusa and Captain Marvel are super powerful, Riri is still finding her way but already surprising Tony Stark in his new AI form with her amazing intellect. It’s been great working with Marvel on bringing this new heroine to “Marvel Puzzle Quest”,” said Austin.

Though people are aware of her intellect is impressing Stark. What does she have to offer to this game? She is still developing so, what can she do in “Marvel Puzzle Quest”?

“Riri’s first ability costs nine Blue AP and are Magnetic Repulsors. Riri uses her magnetic repulsors in her armor’s gauntlet to disarm her opponents. This power attracts enemy special tiles to the center of the board. Riri’s second ability, Remote Control Gauntlets, costs 11 Red AP. Riri launches her gauntlets, maneuvering them remotely towards her opponent. The gauntlets attack from the flank, dealing damage to the target opponent and also places a Four-Turn countdown tile that unlocks and removes special tiles,” Austin said.

So, there is a layout of what Riri’s attacks will look like. But, as for finding a good balance for Riri in a team up situation.

“Teaming up, Ironheart is a bit of a support character. She is good against teams that use special tiles. Since she removes tiles effectively, she would pair pretty well with Luke Cage,” Austin said.

However, players will have to unlock the character. You can unlock Ironheart starting today (January 19) through the Thick as Thieves event. You can also unlock the character through the Hearts of Darkness event that begins on January 23.

To check out the full interview it’s here.

So, to all players of “Marvel Puzzle Quest”, your new character is available for unlock as of today, get on it!

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