John Ridley Offers Update On Mysterious Marvel Project

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John Ridley is making a big splash in Hollywood. With his recent award winning work like 12 Years a Slave and work on American Crime, Mr. Ridley is much in-demand, and the news that he’s working on a top secret project for Marvel has generated quite a stir. With the project being under wraps, it’s understandable that ABC President Channing Dungey would talk to reporters to get them excited, but Mr. Ridley himself has responded to the ABC president’s words.

According to The Wrap, the discussed rewrite isn’t about anything that wasn’t working in the first draft of the script. As Mr. Ridley told reporters at the Television Critics Association press junkets, “I can’t say anything didn’t work the first time around.” He continued:

“For myself and certainly for the folks at Marvel, there’s been an explosion of storytelling of costumed heroes and comic book things and for us, we want to make sure we’re doing something that’s in a very unique space.”

Interesting. While multiple shows have tackled multiple different perspectives on the superhero genre, the idea that Mr. Ridley and ABC are cooking up something that’s “unique” to the genre is exciting. It’s telling that the project is very much alive despite it’s secretive nature. Whatever they are planning on adding to the MCU, it could very well be a game changer. According to Mr. Ridley “We’re continuing to work on it. I’m very excited.”

“I’m lucky in the sense that it’s not the only thing I’m dependent upon, but I will say the number of questions I’m asked about it tells me there’s still an appetite. I do hope to be able to bring it to people in the near term.”

With continued success in gritty human storytelling, John Ridley’s work is sure to impress for the foreseeable future. A good thing too since Mr. Ridley appears to want to take his time with the project – whatever it might be.

Speculation has ranged far and wide across all corners of the internet.  From a potential Kamala Khan series to the possibility of Moon Knight, it literally could be anything. That’s half the fun however, and a good reason for Mr. Ridley to want to devote all of his attention to it.

He did offer a very intriguing hint. “For me, it’s always about bringing perspectives that we’re not witnessing,”

“It’s always about a level of storytelling, patience in storytelling, and also making sure that when we produce it, I can give it my absolute full attention. Because I do have a lot of things going on right now. So timing is everything.”

Indeed, however with American Crime Season 3 getting ready to air, Mr. Ridley is clearly preparing to make time to devote to the project.  Intrigued? Curious as to what might be lurking below the surface? Sound off in the comments below and tell us what you hope Mr. Ridley’s secret project will be.

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