Marvel Animation Executive Teases Upcoming Spider-Man Stories

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After a bit of a wait, we finally get a little bit more information regarding the new Spider-Man animated series. In a recent interview about Avengers: Ultron Revolution with Comic Book Resources Marvel Animation Vice President Steve Wacker shared an upcoming story for the series. Wacker stated “Another story we have coming up on the Spidey side… we’ll get to ‘Spider Island’ at some point.” The event started in the comics back in 2011 and had the citizens of Manhattan all develop spider-like abilities.

But that wasn’t the only Spidey story Wacker talked about. He also mentioned how he’d love to adapt “Superior Spider-Man” to the screen. “Superior Spider-Man followed the events after Doc Ock had killed and took over Peter Parker’s body thus becoming the wall-crawler himself. Wacker then made mention of how he’s looking more towards recent stories like that instead of stories like “Spider-Man: No More” or other classic stories.

There isn’t that much else known about the upcoming series. No cast has been announced. But here is what is actually known about the series.

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” will be exploring a younger Spidey, that the series will also include Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales, that Venom will be a part of it, and it is slated for July 2017 on Disney XD.

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