New Iron Fist Funko Pop Vinyls And More!

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Today on Funko’s blog they released images of the new Iron Fist Funko Pop Vinyls and more! Funko announced five new Pop Vinyls coming soon. Two of the five are of Iron Fist, the other two are of Black Bolt, and the final one is of Blade!

Funko has yet to release a date for when the Pops are available for purchase, but they are coming soon!

The difference between the Iron Fist Pops is that one of them is rocking his original green and yellow costume, and the second one is rocking the white and gold costume! As for the differences between the Black Bolt figures is that one has the black and blue costume and the second Black Bolt Funko has the black and silver costume.

Check them out in the gallery below:

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With both shows for Inhumans and Iron Fist on the horizon, it’s not a surprise that Iron Fist and Black Bolt (an Inhuman character) have more Pop Vinyls in this upcoming collection.

Do you have favorite Funko Pop from this set? They’re all pretty awesome in our book, but the Iron Fist Funko Pop Vinyl with the white costume is pretty dope.

As always, we’ll continue to update on all things Marvel.

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