REVIEW: Hulk #2 – “Deconstructed”

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Title: Deconstructed: Part Two
Writer: Mariko Tamaki
Artist: Nico Leon & Dalibor Talajic
Colorists: Matt Milla
Letterer: VC’s Corey Petit
Cover By: Jeff Dekal
Release Date: 01/25/17
Rating: Rated T+
Price: $3.99

Jen Walters was the shy mousey cousin of Dr. Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk. One day a crime boss named Nicholas Trask, who crossed paths with her father, shot and severely wounded her. Lucky for Jen Bruce was in town and visiting. Just as mobsters were about to finish her off Bruce being the only matching blood donor gave her a transfusion, that when triggered by her anger transformed her into the Sensational She-Hulk.

Her transformations were initially triggered by her anger like her cousin, but after being cured from a lethal blood disease she was able to transform at her will. While Jen’s transformation, like Bruce’s is molded after her subconscious desire, but where Bruce is out of anger, Jen’s is out of her desire to look like the ideal Amazonian woman. Jen maintains her job as a lawyer, but decides to remain as the confident and beautiful green She-Hulk.

She-Hulk suffered serious injuries from a battle with Thanos, that was one factor in the most recent Superhero Civil War and left her in a coma.  When she awoke she was told that her cousin Bruce Banner, who was recently cured from being the Hulk was killed by fellow Avenger Hawkeye in the name of Predictive Justice. Now Jen must keep her rage from her lost under control for fear of not becoming the She-Hulk, she is gone. But instead becoming something new, something that terrifies her: HULK!


Plot: How can you get back to a normal life when you keep thinking about the life before? Jen continues her struggle with her anger and tempering the Hulk that is raging to emerge from within. Meanwhile her newest client Maise Brewn, a recluse is being forced into the world against her will. What happens when anger and fear are pushed to the surface?

Story:  If you read our monthly Marvel Solicitation Commentary then you know that this book has been my most anticipated for months. I am pleased to say that I haven’t been left down. I will say though that this isn’t a typical Hulk book with a lot of fighting, shooting, and property damage. Instead this book takes a deeper look at the battle to control that from erupting while also keeping you on edge for when it does.

I love this as it really gives us that tension and suspense while delving deeper into a character we have known for years. While I have Read She-Hulk since she debuted in 1980, I feel like Mariko Tamaki is in many ways reintroducing me to Jennifer Walters.

I also love a good mystery and while this book doesn’t have a huge one it does have a minor one with Maise Brewn and her mysterious “friend” in the shadows. What is it? Is something there? Is it Maise talking to herself? This type of psychological mystery is really intriguing to me, because it is something we don’t see often. I also love the suspense building to Jen’s Hulking out.

Me personally, I think Maise is either an Inhuman or Mutant and is possessing stuff she has hoarded in her apartment into some kind of golem. I say this because of the sudden change in her, and that the shadow of this creature looks like it may be made up of different machines.  

Art: The art here is really solid. While this isn’t that super hyper detailed art that I go gaga over, it does fit nicely with the story which is one of the most important functions of art in a comic. Nico Leon & Dalibor Talajic really use an incredible style to show Jen’s normal life something we haven’t seen in awhile. But each time we see Jen struggling with her transformation, the art really draws you in emotionally to her pain, and struggle.

The pages leading up to the ending with the mystery creature are so cinematically well done. I love how the panels are laid out to show both Jen and Mr. Tick walking down the street, and even without the text you feel the suspense that someone or something is behind each of them.

I also want to say that Matt Milla is killing it with the colors here. He plays the colors like a symphony. We get these calm moments with Jen in or normal life, then CRASH BOOM the colors explode when you see her nearly Hulking out.

Verdict: Overall this issue is another great outing from this team and I highly recommend picking up Hulk!

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