Top 5 Picks for Ant-Man & The Wasp Villains

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Greetings, True Believers! It seems as though we are getting a lot rumors surrounding next year’s highly anticipated film, Avengers: Infinity War. While I too am very excited for it, I find myself also thinking about another Marvel film coming out next year: Ant-Man and The Wasp. The one it seems like no one is talking about.

The film in question is a sequel to 2015’s surprise hit, Ant-Man. Little is known about the sequel. So far, all we know is that Paul Rudd, Evageline Lilly, Michael Peña and Director Peyton Reed will return. Reed also confirmed that it will deal with the aftermath of Captain America Civil War. Outside of rumors, that is all we really know so far. We don’t even know who the villain will be. That is why today, I will be discussing my personal picks for who that could be. Let’s get started with the least likely:

  1. Zodiac (team)

I think it would be interesting if our heroes were to take on the evil organization known as Zodiac. Starting in 1970, the organization has had a long history with Marvel. Founded by a corrupt businessman, they are criminals with an Astrological theme, each member having a costume and gadgets based on a particular sign. I feel that with them as your villains, you could further explore concept of Scott being a good guy criminal and the idea that sometimes it takes a criminal to catch a criminal. Also, it would be cool to see how these 2 heroes take on a group. A group of villain is something we have yet to see in the MCU. Zodiac members have had run ins with multiple Ant-Men and Wasps, but they don’t have as strong a connection to them as my next pick.

  1. Eric O’Grady as Black Ant

This one would be a bit different from the comic. However, I feel it could work if done right. Since his debut in 2006, Eric has always been troubled. This goes back to his origins, where he was a low-level SHIELD agent that stole their Ant-Man suit. In the comics, Eric was selfish and bit perverted but he always went back to being a hero at the end of the day. In the movie, I could see something like this happening. There is a criminal in town that looks a lot like Ant-Man, even Hank and maybe Hope question if it’s Scott. It turns out that the military or SHIELD were creating a suit to capture Scott, and Eric stole it. When they eventually defeat him, Eric shows remorse. Then, in an after credits scene, it shows Eric in prison talking to someone like Nick Fury, hinting at a Thunderbolts show or movie. In the comics, Eric was never actually Black Ant. However, I say they should use that name to avoid any confusion – a confusion my next pick would not have to deal with.

  1. Rita Demara as Yellowjacket

Created in 1986, Rita has had an interesting journey in the comics. Her origins have yet to be explored beyond the fact that she was a petty thief that stole the Yellowjacket costume. She keeps switching from good and evil. She’s been on the Masters of Evil, Femizons, Guardians of the Galaxy and was even an honorary Avenger. For Ant-Man and The Wasp, I could see them doing something similar to my idea for Eric O’Grady. However, since her comic history is so vague, they could take more liberties with her character. Maybe they could give her a more villainous story that still mimics Scott’s. They could maybe do a bit of love triangle with her. Also like Scott, they could redeem her. Maybe have her come back in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 or the untitled fourth Avengers film. They could even use her if they ever decide to have more than one Avengers team. It could be a way to bring back some honor to the Yellowjacket name and let non-comic fans know how good someone with that name can be. Keeping on topic of tying in with previous films, we have my number two:

  1. Secretary Thaddeus Ross

Now let me clarify, I see him as a good antagonist for the film, not a classic evil villain. Under the Sokovia Accords, Scott and now Hope are going to be illegal superheroes. I could really see Secretary Ross going after all the heroes that escaped, and it looks like Scott could be the easiest to go after. If they wanted to go the whole Red Hulk route in Ant-Man and The Wasp, I would so be behind it. However, this is what I feel would be the more likely situation: I could see Ross wanting to get some outside help, from maybe the Serpent Society for example, to go after Scott and Hope. That person or group ends up going to far or turning on Ross. Then, Scott and Hope would end up having to fix his mistake, maybe even save Ross in the process. I could even see them saying that Ross and Hank Pym have a past, with Ross wanting Hank’s inventions for the government. In the comics, Ross and the Ant Family have never really been at odds though, unlike my final pick.

  1. Elihas Starr a.k.a. Egghead

Going all the way back to Marvel’s Tales to Astonish in 1962, Egghead is the oldest character on the list. He is also one of the few members of Ant Man’s rogues’ gallery. They have a long history together. It was Ant Man, Hank Pym’s version, who was fighting Egghead in that issue of Tales to Astonish. I could even see them tying that into film. Saying that, during his time as Ant Man, Hank, and maybe even Janet, had a run in or two with a young Egghead. Now, in present day, he wants revenge. In the comics, Egghead would sometimes work with crime lords. I could see them taking that and using it to also explore some of Scott’s past. Even though, on the surface, Egghead looks like a silly character, I feel he could be a great villain for the cinematic universe. Plus, if Marvel can get someone good at comedy but also good at being scary, like maybe Bryan Cranston, I feel he has the potential to be one of Marvel’s best villains, that could be used in other films.

Do you guys agree with this list? Who would you want the villain for Ant-Man and The Wasp? Let us know in the comments below.

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