Top 5 Picks For Agents of SHIELD’s “Good Samaritan”

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We’re kicking off “Ghost Rider Month” with a look at just who could play the Good Samaritan in Agents of SHIELD, or a Ghost Rider spin-off starring Robbie Reyes.  In episode 6 of this season of Agents of SHIELD, we saw Robbie Reyes come back to life thanks to a good Samaritan.  It can be assumed, that this was a member of the Blaze clan, the previous holders of the Ghost Rider curse in comics and film.

Johnny Blaze, as we’ve discussed, is the sort of character whose presence must be used to enhance and prop up Robbie’s central role in the series.  Blaze consistently acts as a mentor to the younger Ghost Riders in the comics, and he must continue to do so here.  While he could very well be Danny Ketch (Johnny Blaze’s younger brother), we’d hope that Marvel would answer the unanswered questions that came with Agents of SHIELD.  There’s another ghost rider out there. One who Coulson knows about. Who is it? Currently the Good Samaritan hasn’t been cast in the MCU, so check out five potential Good Samaritans who could appear in a Ghost Rider series after the page break.

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