Top 5 Picks For Agents of SHIELD’s “Good Samaritan”

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5. Nicholas Cage

The most obvious solution to the Good Samaritan casting dilemma is “Bring back Nicholas Cage” to officially pass the torch.  While his performance as Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider (2007) was delightful fun, it didn’t provide the gravitas that the role needs.  He’s funny but not psychotically funny and Nicholas Cage just plays  – well. Cage. It’s time to retire his performance as Blaze with the respect it deserves, it introduced people to the character, and it would a beautiful bookend to have Cage not only pass the role on as Ghost Rider but as Johnny Blaze himself.  Bring back Nic, have him mentor the new generation, and let Johnny Blaze have peace as The Ghost Rider.

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