Ultron Starts a Revolution at Avengers Academy

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After finally putting the escaped villains back into their cell’s, you’d think the students at Avengers Academy deserve a break right? Well, a certain rogue robot would think otherwise. Tony has finally finished Ultron, a project he started way back in the beginning of the game, and Ultron does what he normally does and goes rogue and now everyone is scrambling to stop him. As always Marvel.com got the chance to sit down with Allen Warner to talk about what this event details.

“One thing we know for sure is that Iron Man built a legion of helper robots to help his classmates train, and make the Academy more efficient. The combat training alone has resulted in these robots being destroyed countless times in every way imaginable. The heroes only see them as advanced training dummies who are there to help them perfect their powers, but Ultron demands revenge for their perceived mistreatment, and starts a robot revolution. Of course, his true motivations might not be as righteous as they seem…”

So it seems as the training dummies will be the thing that sets Ultron on his quest. Though he isn’t the only character coming around for this event, obviously. As mentioned in my last news post, though I accidentally had said that they were two separate events, Hawkeye will finally be joining the Academy but he is not the only one either! Joining him will be Kate Bishop, Jocasta, Viv Vision, and Lucky. But that is not all either as at the end of the event you do have the chance to reprogram Ultron and have him join the Academy!

Though I’m actually more excited for Hawkeye to be honest. He’s been teased since the very beginning and even had the best interaction with Wasp during the A-Force event last month all about arrows. But what is actually cool is that he is voiced by Gus Sorola of RoosterTeeth fame. Like Spider-Man during the Civil War Event, Hawkeye is available for Early Access. The difference is that Spider-Man was available again as part of a different event while Hawkeye will become available as part of the story. But wait there’s even more! Back again is Wonder Man from the Civil War event and he will be recruitable if you haven’t already done so.

He goes on to talk about how the event will be laid out and how it will be a high tech vs low tech fight even mentioning the costumes that will come for the characters including Tony downgrading his armor to fight himself.

That’s only the beginning. Expect this event fairly soon as Under Siege wraps up with Ronan. And stay tuned here for coverage of the upcoming event!

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