X-23: Five Comic Books to Read Before You See Logan

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Laura Kinney AKA X-23 will be making her first big screen appearance in the upcoming X-Men film Logan. After watching the recently released kick ass trailer of Logan, I’m sure many moviegoers want to learn more about X-23. Here’s my list of comic books you should read before watching Logan!

Honorable Mention: X-Men Evolution Season 3 Episode 11 “X-23”

X-23’s first appearance was actually not in comic books, she was an original character for the animated television show X-Men Evolution. So even though X-Men Evolution is not a comic book I have to give an honorable mention to the show that started it all. Laura’s first appearance was in Season 3 Episode 11 titled “X-23”, which premiered in 2003.

In this episode Wolverine learns that he has a clone. X-23 was’t provided with a normal childhood. She was cut off from companionship and love, so that she could become a stone hearted killer. Once X-23 learned about her origins as the clone of Wolverine she targets the X-Mansion and Logan. When Logan and X-23 finally come face-to-face Wolverine is able to calm X-23 down. He explains that he’s the closest thing to family she’s got, and allows his clone to run away. X-23 appears on the show again in Season 4 Episode 3 “Target X”.

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