REVIEW: Deadpool the Duck #3 – “Pump’N’Dump”

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Deadpool the Duck #3

Writer: Stuart Moore
Penciller: Jacopo Camagni
Inker: Israel Silva
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Rating: T
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 02/8/17

Plot: Having switch bodies with Howard the Duck, Deadpool the Duck now finds himselves trying to save his buddy Rocket from space rabies. Traveling with his new spirit animal, Howard the Duck, who is really just the astral form of the real Howard trapped in the Negative Zone, Deadpool must find a Roxxon secret lab quickly if he’s going to put an end to the deadly virus ravaging his buddy’s body. All the while, Basalt, the guardian of the space station Deadpool destroyed in the previous issue, has arrived at Deadpool’s secret spot with the intention of kicking tailfeather and taking names later.

Story: The personality of Stuart Moore and the artistic stylings of Jacopo Camagni have combined like Voltron to form a complete hit. By keeping the story relatively simple — Deadpool and Howard the Duck switch bodies while trying to save Rocket from Space Rabies — Moore creates an environment which allows the reader to completely believe this could happen to both characters. Even better, Moore does an outstanding job of blending the different styles of humor possessed by each protagonist.

Deadpool the Duck #3

Moore and Camagni have done a great job blending two worlds together. Deadpool lives in a world that is very much his, almost to the point where you could say it is uniquely his world. Howard, on the other hand, lives in a world where he can’t even get registered as a superhero during the Civil War. The blending of their sense of humor and artistic worlds has made me come back for each issue with a hunger for more of what they’re offering.

Art: If Moore shines through with his writing, blending of humor, and ability to create a believable world, then it is Jacopo Camagni who brings it all to life. The fight scenes are lively, the facial expressions are on point, and way Camagni brings Deadpool to life through Howard’s actions can’t be an easy job, but he makes it look effortless. The lettering is also what you would expect of a Deadpool comic. Combined with the writing, this series has a ton of potential.

Verdict: The thing about reviews is that every book can’t be great. The law of averages dictates that reviewers will come along a book that just doesn’t jibe with them. Today is not that day and Deadpool the Duck is not that series. If you’re a fan of either character, then this is a series you will not want to miss. If you’re just wading into the waters (see what I did there, twice?) of comic books, this is the type of story that will keep you entertained and coming back for more. Either way, it’s to be read as soon as possible. — JW

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