Avengers Academy Young Avengers Mini-Event Episode 1

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So the event actually started late last night so if you were paying attention to the game and their twitter account you might already have a head start. Keep in mind that this is a mini-event to hold over between events similar to the Gamma event, the British invasion event, Coulson event,  the repeat of the Guardians event, the repeat of the Gamma event, and the 2016 hero event that happened at the beginning of the year. So with that in mind, we have the Young Avengers and Kang.

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Kang is here thanks to Ultron and the fact that he took the school’s defenses down for the time fog. 3 Young Avengers have been chasing him across time trying to stop him from arriving at the academy, but ultimately¬†failed to do so. Now it is your job to free them and take Kang down using time travel yourself. Tony, with a little inspiration from Hank Pym, is the mastermind of this effort.

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In order to use the time portal, you need to collect some time spheres which actually contain time fog in them. Here you use Iron Man, Falcon, Enchantress, and Stinger if you choose to purchase her. This action is about 4 hours long but you can have all 3/4 characters doing it at the same time. You get 1 time sphere for each action.

Then you need to go through the time portal which you can use Black Widow, Loki, Wasp, and Stinger once more. There are 3 lengths you can send them for and in return, you get a varied amount of helmets. there’s the 2-hour one which will have a chance of 1-5 helmets, 4 hours gets you 3-5, and 8 gets you 5. The only exception here is Stinger. as her range is 2-8 helmets. Each trip only costs 1 sphere.

The heroes in need of saving are Hulkling, Wiccan, and Stinger and to do so you need to collect Helmets of Kang from the Council of Kang? Ok well, the reasoning is not the best out there so you’ll just have to take it as is. Stinger is the premium character this time around and being Scott Lang’s daughter, who is the same age due to time travel, has some interesting dialog with him. I highly suggest getting her if you can because she not only helps with getting spheres and helmets as I mentioned above. You can purchase her right away for 525 shards.

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The first hero you need to save is Hulkling. His requirements are simple. You need to collect 290 helmets. The real upside is that you have 6 entire days to recruit him before you need to get Wiccan. As you collect helmets you will also obtain campus decorations.

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But that is all for this part of the event. Check back here once Part 2 roles around.

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