Avengers Academy Young Avengers Mini-Event Episode 2

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So this is a tad bit late but if you haven’t been keeping up with the game here’s everything you need to know for part 2 of the Young Avengers Mini-Event. Here’s hoping you have recruited Hulkling since if you haven’t then this event is almost essentially over.

Now for this part of the event, it centers around rescuing Wiccan and also punching Kang in the face as many times as possible. You still need to collect Time Spheres to get the items needed to fight Kang, this time you need Time Bombs that are actual clocks. Really Tony? You will use 2 Time Spheres for every 1 bomb unless you use Stinger. She gets 2 for every 2.

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To unlock Wiccan you will need 240 Anti-Matter to do so. You can get this in 2 ways. Either by purchasing Tony Stark’s Time Machine for 495 Infinity Shards or by punching Kang in the face several times. And by gathering Anti-Matter, like in episode 1, you will get some cool decorations!

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Fighting Kang requires 2 Time Bombs and you can take up to 3 heroes for each fight. You have Iron Man, Loki, and Wasp lending their hands as well as the 2 other Young Avengers. If you have both Stinger and Hulkling you will have a slightly better advantage as they are both stronger than the other heroes, but you can’t train them like in the last event so the later streak boss battles will be difficult or near impossible without using shards to revive. But if you do make it to Streak 7 with him you will be rewarded with upgrade items for both Hulkling and Wiccan.

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And there are huge reveal for upcoming characters announced through some of the dialogue between characters. I’m super excited about it.

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So for the uninformed Doctor Strange is talking about Scarlet Witch. I’m super excited for this as she was missing in the Civil War event and really hasn’t been mentioned. But I hope this event is soon.

That’ll do it for this event! Did you get everyone? Excited for what’s to come? Let us know in the comments or on social media! Also be sure to stay here for all of the Avengers Academy news and Updates!


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