Can Iron Fist Redeem Jeri Hogarth?

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Jeri Hogarth made her MCU debut in Season 1 of Jessica Jones. She was neither a pure villain or a pure hero — more like a neutral party — someone out for her own gain. Jeri will return to the MCU in Marvel’s next Netflix show, Iron Fist, which premieres in March. While her appearance in the series makes sense, we’re curious about her role. Will she be an antagonist to the Iron Fist, his ally, or another neutral party? Based on these images, Jerri is sitting at Danny’s side, seemingly his trusted confidant.  Does that mean she’s on the path to redemption?

From Page to Screen

In the comics, Jeri or Jeryn Hogarth, was the close friend of Wendell Rand, head of the Rand Corporation and Danny’s father.  MCU Jeri may have been introduced as a Jessica Jones character, but in the comics Jeri/Jeryn was responsible for connecting a lot of other characters from The Defenders. Jeryn tracked Danny upon his return to the United States and kept an eye on the Iron Fist. Jeryn was also the catalyst between Misty Knight and Colleen Wing meeting each other. Jeryn also asked Luke Cage and the Heroes for Hire to escort his daughter, Millie Hogarth, to a debutante ball – but a number of villains stepped in to attempt to kidnap her.

Comics Jeryn and MCU Jeri are cleary different people. Played by the gorgeous Carrie Ann Moss, Jeri has the distinction of being the first openly gay female character in the MCU.  When Jeri’s relationship with her ex-wife turned violent, Jeri almost lost everything, including Jessica’s respect. We know that she took Hope Shlottman’s fetus because she wanted Kilgrave’s DNA, but we’re not likely to see the result of that morbid decision until Jessica Jones Season 2.

MCU Jeri has no daughter and her lust for power has resulted in her losing a person that she truly loved. We saw her stand up for Jessica in Jessica Jones. We know she helped Foggy Nelson move on from Nelson and Murdock to Hogarth’s law firm in Daredevil Season 2. Do these acts of selflessness mean the events of Jessica Jones changed her? We’d argue yes.

Ultimately Jeri is a very important character to the Defenders universe. Her potential redemption hinges on how she treats Danny Rand in Iron Fist. Her comic counterpart looked out for the boy and was a very reasonable lawyer. We could be watching her origin story unfold this season, as she transitions from questionable villain to Defenders ally. Only time will tell. What do you think? Do you think that Jeri’s redeemable? Do you think this support for Danny in his time of need will make her into a friend or a foe?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments below true believers and don’t forget to check out Iron Fist, dropping on Netflix March 17th 2017.

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