Captain America Marvel Legends Shield Customization

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Captain America shield Hasbro Marvel Legends

The Marvel Report’s resident cosplay experts Gavin Richter (aka Kid Coulson) and Shawn Richter (aka Gavin’s Dad) are back with a cool and simple modification for your Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain America shield.  If you haven’t seen the shield before, click here to check out our unboxing and review!

The Marvel Legends shield retails at $99.99 but if you keep an eye on Amazon, you can find used, “slightly damaged” pieces for as low as $55 with free shipping!  If you’re  planning on unboxing your shield and hanging it on the wall, you’ll probably want to spend the extra money for a brand new one.  (Prices fluctuate but as of this  writing, new ones are $72.50 and used ones start at $63.08).

But if you’re buying it for cosplay, be warned:  It’s a beautiful shield, but it IS made of plastic and will scratch/ding easily (especially if you drop it or bang it into something on accident).  As a Captain America cosplayer myself, I can tell you that a lot of people think it’s cute to punch your shield and some aren’t as delicate as others.  That might not be a great idea with this shield.

I bought a slightly damaged shield for $61 shipped from Amazon.  When it arrived it had a few scratches on the star, and that was about it.  Damage will vary of course, but I didn’t care because of what I had planned for it.

The basic idea of this customization is to make the plastic shield look metal.  Metal shields are “spun” and therefore have concentric circles that go around.

Watch the video to learn this technique for taking your Marvel Legend shield to the next level.  See what a $61 plastic Marvel Legends shield looks next to a VERY expensive spun aluminum shield:


Thanks for watching!  If you try this yourself, share photos of your work with The Marvel Report on Facebook or Twitter!

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