Marvel Takes Over Disney’s California Adventure For Summer Of Heroes

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The superheroes are coming. announced today that in conjunction with the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! Disney’s California Adventure would transform parts of their park into a super heroic event for summer guests to experience.  Dubbed “A Summer of Heroes” they’re offering us a look at Rocket, Baby Groot, and promising five special treats to guests coming to experience Disneyland’s sister park, and let us tell you our minds are blown.

News of Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout ride rocked the world at San Diego Comic Con 2016 and while many fans have been outraged at the loss of beloved park icon Tower of Terror, others are intrigued by the potential that Marvel has to offer the Disneyland Resort.  Over the past few months Disney Imagineers have wrapped the former Hollywood tower hotel in scaffolding like a gift.   Recently the wrapping paper came off of a very special gift so the park could add some decorative details.

While we have some actual ride details thanks to Nerdist (the Ride will feature  the most easter eggs in any Disneyland park ride as well as a star wars like “choose your own adventure” aspect where you’ll experience 3 different unique scenarios and more) today the wrapping paper came off metaphorically and we got a glimpse of how Marvel and Guardians will translate to Disney’s California Adventure this summer.

Disneyland California Adventure’s Hollywood land will play host to 5 new experiences from May 27th to September 10th,  helping guests #HeroUp for a Summer of Heroes at the resort.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance Off!

Similar to the Awesome Mix Dance Party! hosted last year in Walt Disney World in Florida, the Awesome Dance Off will be hosted by Peter Quill and Cast members.  While Gamora probably won’t participate (will she at least attend? All signs seem to point to yes) Peter will bring his awesome mix to the resort for guests to party the night away.  Check out a video of Walt Disney World’s Awesome Mix Dance Party that debuted at their hallowen party with the opening of the first film. Will it be similar? only time will tell.


I am…So Excited to Meet Groot!

Groot, the breakout star from the film (talking trees! What a stretch for Disney!) will be heading to the Disneyland resort joining a year-round met and greet with stars Spider-Man and Captain America.  This year round attraction will give people a chance to meet Groot. Are you excited? I sure am and that’s not the only person who will be getting a special meet and greet…

Black Widow offers Guests a VERY special experience!

Guests heading to meet Groot, Spider-Man, and Captain America will get to meet another very special avenger.  Periodically Natasha Romanoff will arrive in an armored Avengers vehicle throughout the day and stay to pose with guests.  This is amazing because periodically Natasha would only appear at the Avengers Half-Marathon with her partner Hawkeye.  Moving her off of special event rotation is an amazing chance to further strengthen Marvel and Disney’s epic partnership.  Will we get to see hawkeye join her? well…

The Avengers are looking for a few new recruits: Do you have what it takes?

Natasha Romanoff, aka The Black Widow and her partner Hawkeye are looking for a few new super recruits! Do you have what it takes to stand up to Thanos? Hydra? any of the Avengers foes? They want to hear from your little heroes at a brand new “training” event that, much like Jedi Academy, will test their skills to see if they have what it takes to be an Avenger.  Have them come dressed in their superhero best and join to save the galaxy!

Special Treats, Events, and Souvenirs will be offered!

A summer of heroes wouldn’t be complete without epic superhero gear, super meals, and super surprises and knowing Disney, it’s safe to say that special treats and other merchandise will be offered for guests experiencing everything that the Summer of Heroes has to offer.  Located in Hollywood land, the event is sure to make Disneyland resort guests smile and help them have an awesome summer.

Are you as excited as we are to #HeroUp this summer? Planning a vacation with the kids or family? Sound off in the comments below and share your thoughts and feelings about this epic team up and don’t forget to be a hero and take your kids to Disney’s California Adventure this summer!


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