Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Sneak Peek: Bigger, Better, Sci-Fi

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The next Marvel movie up on the docket for fans is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.  There’s quite a bit of news out there including the first photos of Mantis, trailers, absolutely gorgeous images, toys, and plenty of baby Groot for all of us.  Despite all of this, we don’t know the nitty gritty, the meat and potatoes, the bones of the operation.  Thanks to USAtoday however more hard details are being fleshed out about the series.  It begins with a promise of “Bigger Better Sci-fi concepts” According to Director James Gunn.

First up is Ego, Peter Quill’s erstwhile father, “Ego is the most powerful character I’m ever going to play.” Russell says, “I mean he created himself! He’s the real deal.” This seems to fit with the comic book character who is sometimes friend sometimes foe to multiple intergalactic creatures across the Marvel Universe.

According to sources – the movie doesn’t leave a lot of space for our heroes to recover after defeating Ronan and finding the infinity stone.

Two months after the end of Guardians, Quill (aka Star Lord) has taken responsibility for his wild bunch of intergalactic ex-convicts who have to fight to stay a family as their leader comes to grips with finding his father.  Chris Pratt however, thinks the challenge might be more difficult then meets the eye. According to him, “I don’t know if Quill is ever going to be a fully functional responsible adult.”

The biggest topic of conversation however has been Groot – the runaway star of the first film. From his traditional “I am Groot” to the dancing flower pot that won hearts in the end credits, ‘Baby’ Groot will apparently play a much bigger role in the sequel. Having a child around drives Quill and warrior Drax “Crazy” according to James Gunn.  The unlikely characters who take on parental roles for our favorite plant pal? None other then Rocket Raccoon and Gamora the assassin, played by Zoe Saldana, “She’s surrounded by all these dudes who are half stupid all the time.” says Saldana, “she has to be the voice of reason.”

Everything isn’t entirely awesome for Gamora however, as her voice of reason is expected to carry to her complicated relationship with Nebula, played by Karen Gillan.  Joining Gamora in the “things are going to be difficult” club is Yondu who teams up with Rocket and Groot to avoid the Ravagers (and isn’t that interesting).  Mantis appears to be ready to integrate into the team as well.  According to Dave Batista who brings the warrior Drax to life – Mantis is attracted to his “innocence.”

He looks like this big tough brute.  But there’s a sense of innocence and heartbreak about him.

Given Drax’s tragic backstory and quest for revenge against Thanos, that doesn’t surprise anyone. Mantis, who can feel a person’s emotions, should be a wonderful pairing for everybody’s favorite warrior with fast reflexes.

While the Guardians are working on becoming superheroes, actress Zoe Saldana is pleased with how the “Galaxy’s Biggest A-Holes” have affected our universe, inspiring films like Deadpool and Suicide Squad.

“It’s given permission to so many other filmmakers to let these action movies not only have a little more heart and soul but to have a little more entertainment besides just, ‘CRASH! BOOM! BANG! BLARGH!’ ” Saldana says, “It makes me really happy.”

It makes audiences happy too.
If you’re as excited by the bones of this awesome story give the trailer a rewatch and tell us about it in the comments below.
 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 opens May 5th 2017.
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