Hulk/Wolverine Hybrid Coming to Marvel Comics?

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Salutations True Believers, it is no secret that Marvel Comics loves their vague teasers. Now, it appears that Marvel’s Editor In Chief, Axel Alonso has not only teased something coming to the Marvel Universe. He has teased someone coming to the Marvel Universe, a new character.

Not much is known about this new character, outside of the label Batch H and the fact that he is obviously some kind of Hulk/Wolverine hybrid. The questions are now, who is he and how will he factor into the universe? The first question is of note, because we have to think. Is this a man given power or is he a clone? Some of Marvel’s greatest heroes like Captain America and Wolverine were given powers either by forcing or by volunteering. However, other fan favorite characters like All New Wolverine and the recently returned Ben Riley are clones that have evolved into their own characters. It makes you think.

You also have to think of the other question. Where does he factor in? Will he be a villain for the Avengers, X-Men or both? Will he be an ally to one or both? Will he be involved in Totally Awesome Hulk, All New Wolverine or both? Will he be a hero or villain? The possibilities are endless. Also, who made him? Is he one of the new Weapon X experiments?

Personally, I’m thinking this could go one of two ways. Either he one of the new experements from the new Weapon X or he is a secret weapon created by evil Steve Rogers for is upcoming war with the heroes of the Marvel Universe, Secret Empire. I think it would be cool if he wasn’t a clone. We just went through Clone Conspiracy and it would give him more room to be his own character. Clone or not, I’m excited for his arrival. What do you guys think? What would you like to see from this new character? What other Marvel hero hybrids would you like to see come to life? Let us know in the comments below.

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