New Inhumans And More Join Marvel Future Fight

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New Inhumans and more characters have joined Marvel Future Fight. Inhumans such as Crystal, Moon Girl,  and Gorgon are amongst the new characters to join Marvel Future Fight in a new set of stages and in the new Reward Pack system.


Maximus the Mad has gathered a number of followers and plots to destroy all humankind to pave the way for Inhuman rule. Eager to quash Maximus’s scheme, Moon Girl, Gorgon, Karnak, Inferno, and Crystal all become members of your team. Take on his sergeants across five stages to put an end to his nefarious plot and, eventually, bring the Inhuman prince to your side as well.

These new stages provide players an opportunity to try out the new Reward Pack system in “Marvel Future Fight.” By completing special challenges in these stages, you can earn rewards of your choice! Pick your challenge and your reward, and then unlock the bonus at the end of the mission.

As well as the new Inhumans showing up, the existing Inhumans on Future Fight will receive new uniforms as their fellow Inhumans come aboard.  Black Bolt will rock his Attilan Rising costume; Ms. Marvel her Karchi costume. The Monsters Unleashed armors will get armors as Elsa Bloodstone gains her new set.

As always, we’ll continue to update you on all things Future Fight and Marvel.

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