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Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Figures

As a continuation from the Homecoming figures from the previous week we now have even more figures released for the upcoming film.

There are 5 figures in this line 1 will be sold by itself and the other 4 will be in 2-packs.

So first off there’s the Spider-Man and Iron Man 2-pack with, you guessed it, both Spidey and Iron Man! The Spidey figure will have an unmasked head while the Iron Man suit looks to be a repaint from the Civil War line in his Ultimate universe colors. Is this their way of saying that Tony might be suiting up in the movie? Or could this just be a line filler? Not sure.

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The other 2-Pack has Web Wings Spider-Man and Homemade Suit Spider-Man which are pretty interesting. I think this means that we will see both of these suits in the movie as well which could be super cool.

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And the last figure of the set is a wingless Vulture? So it turns out that the wings will be packaged as the “Build-A-Figure” feature for this set so he will look kind of odd until you assemble the wings.

These figures are set to release sometime in Spring so be on the lookout then but with Toy Fair this week you might just see in person shots of the figures.

Source: Marvel Toy News

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