Showrunner Noah Hawley On Legion’s Storytelling Experience

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Legion’s getting ready to roll out and Fox continues to deliver on it’s products, this time taking us behind the scenes of it’s flagship mutant verse television show.  The Legion twitter account has delivered information on the show and fantastic art pieces. The’ve also posted a first look that seems to confirm – weird is cool and our minds are about to be blown by what they’ve produced for audiences.

With multiple media outlets praising Legion, we’re chomping at the bit for the series.  This first look couldn’t come at a better time.  Check it out below.

Showrunner Noah Hawley has concocted an incredible story, “The structure of the story should reflect the context of the story so we play with the content of the story” Hawley said.  Stevens added that the series covers “Stories of identity and storytelling and dreaming.”

Hawley seems committed to pushing the superhero drama forward, “Can we take the genre and make it something that we’ve never seen before?” Hawley then added, “The show is not an information delivery device, it’s an experience delivery device” and from interactive experiences to art shows it would seem as if Legion is pushing every boundary it can.

The production values are still grounded in our “reality” as it were, as are the actors and actresses as seen in this #AskMarvel segment from Dan Stevens who plays David Haller.  David took to the internet to answer questions as multifaceted as “will Legion ever get that AMAZING high top” to “What did you learn playing David Haller.” It’s a fun little segment and adds a lot to this actor – who is sure to be a star.

What do you think? Does the show look up your alley? Are you as ready to have your mind blown and world bended as we are? Check out the clips and stay tuned to The Marvel Report for more.

Legion premieres February 8th 2017.

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