Logan Post Credits Scene Confirmed: Our Top 5 Possibilities

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Hello True Believers. Post-credits scenes have had a long history with Marvel films going back to Iron Man. Most of the time, they tease at things to come within the universe. FOX has also adopted this concept since X-Men: The Last Stand. This does include both Wolverine solo films, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine. So now, the question is, will the third film starring the troubled hero, Logan, have one as well?

According to Collider, the answer is, undoubtedly, YES. While early press previews did not have one, FOX has confirmed that a post-credits scene was added for theatrical release. This trend of adding a scene after press screenings is becoming more common for both FOX and Marvel Studios. Deadpool hid one of its two post-credits scenes during press previews, as did Captain America Civil War. It is reasonable to think that they would want to keep a post-credits scene under wraps, especially for this highly anticipated film. Next we’ll look at what five post-credits scenes I would like to see attached to Logan.

Goodbye Hugh Jackman Scene

Since Logan is supposed to be Hugh Jackman’s last film as Wolverine, this would make sense to pay tribute to him here. Given how long he’s played the character, it’s not unreasonable to think they’d dedicate post-credits scene to him. Maybe it could be a montage of his best moments. Maybe they could have another character, like X-23 or Professor X if he survives the film, give a monologue in remembrance to the character. Either way, it would be sad and bring all the feels. Given the fact that these pos- credits scenes are meant to tease future stuff, I highly doubt this will happen, but it is a possibility.


Teaser for an X-23 Solo Film

For those that might not know, X-23 has big presence in current comics. She even has taken over the mantle as Wolverine. I think they could tell multiple stories with her as the lead, even in the post-apocalyptic looking world. They could go many different ways with a scene to tease it. They could hint at Daken, her “brother”. They could have Cable show up and need help. However, for a movie for her, I’d love to see it done one of two ways. As fans of the X-Men films might know, they have been teasing Logan’s yellow costume from the comics for a very long time. It has even shown up in a deleted scene or two. I’d love for the scene to be X-23 discovering the suit. Have it be a silent acknowledgement of her taking up the mantle, or if they do show the suit in Logan, the after credits scene could be her picking it up. All of this is extreme speculation. The director has said he’d like to do a X-23 film, but FOX has confirmed nothing.

Teaser for Deadpool 2

The first film was so successful, and the sequel is set to come out next year. It is not out of the realm of possibility for FOX to start promoting the film. Even more than X-23, the possibilities for a scene with him are endless. There could be a scene with Cable to announce the casting. There could be a scene of X-23 sad, and Wade walks up to her and makes a recasting joke. I could even just see Deadpool just in front of a black screen talking to the audience. However, one has to wonder if they would go too comical when Logan is set to feature a good amount of sadness and despair.

A Hint at the Untitled X-Men Film AKA Supernova

After the middling success and reviews of X-Men: Apocalypse, fans were starting to question the future of the main X-Men film series. Nevertheless, X-Men: Apocalypse star Sofie Turner confirmed to Heyuguys.com that a sequel is in the works and Simon Kinberg is rumored to take over as director. It is safe to assume that the sequel is on the way. So, maybe Logan will tease the upcoming X-Men film, rumored to be called X-Men: Supernova. What would a scene for “Supernova” entail? I’m not quite sure. Not much is know about said film. It could follow the rumors and be Dark Phoenix related. It could also be Mister Sinister related since he was teased in a post-credits scene for X-Men: Apocalypse and Bryan Singer himself talked about Sinister being the third Wolverine movie in the commentary.


A Teaser for X-Force


In the comics, both X-23 and Logan have been on a version of the X-Force. Keeping that in mind, I think there is a possibility that Logan’s after credits scene involves them. If FOX can get the film going, which has been in development for a while now, it is safe to assume it would also warrant an R-rating. It would be geared towards the same audience. The scene could show Cable putting the team together. It could also just tease whatever threat the X-Force will face. Though, I believe, if the scene was about X-Force, it would probably be Cable coming to X-23 for help.

Given what little information we know about future for the Children of the Atom on the big screen, it is hard to pinpoint what the post-credits scene could be about. It could even tease something completely new, that we have no clue is in the works. There is a small chance it could even tease New Mutants. A film I failed to put in on the list because it is clearly geared towards a different, more PG-13 oriented, demographic.

All I know is I am excited for whatever it is. I’m rooting for the post-credits scene to be about a X-23 film, but who knows. What do you guys think? What do you want to see from the Logan post credits scene? Do you want an X-23 film? Let us know in the comments below.

Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

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