Marvel Comics Tease Generations Event for Summer 2017

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Marvel Comics Tease Generations Event for Summer 2017

Marvel Comics tease Generations event for Summer of 2017 with just a single tweet. The social media update has sent the world of comic readers diving into a sea of “what-ifs” after rolling out a tweet with brief teaser at its latest upcoming event


There is speculation abound as to what the event could be about, but with little more to go on than an image in a tweet, most everything is going to be a guess. If you want to get all Sherlock Holmes on the tweet, you can clearly see a cast of older heroes above a cast of the same heroes in the new Marvel continuity. The title, Generations, could likely mean some team-up, crossover, time-travelling event, or any number of other ways Marvel can bring the older Marvelverse together with the newer Marvelverse.

The other possibility is that Marvel could be looking at a hard reset on their characters. It would seem odd to reset the continuity this soon, but the almighty dollar often speaks loud and carries with it an even bigger stick. If Marvel’s new heroes simply aren’t turning a profit, this could be a way to meld them with older heroes.

Whatever the new event ends up being, it does look like artist Alex Ross will be involved in some capacity. For those familiar with Ross’ work, they’ll be aware of his predilection for past eras of Marvel comics and his involvement could be another hint as to the upcoming event’s nature.

Do you have a favorite conspiracy theory? Do you have a guess as to what the event could be? If so, leave them in the comment section below. As always, there is no substitute for the tenacity of Marvel readers. If anyone can piece it together, it is the Marvel Legion (see what I did there?).

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